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Washington Administrative Code (WAC)

Regulations of executive branch agencies are issued by authority of statutes. Like legislation and the Constitution, regulations are a source of primary law in Washington State. The WAC codifies the regulations and arranges them by subject or agency. The online version of the WAC is updated twice a month. Copies of the WAC as they existed each year since 2004 are available in the WAC archive.

The Statute Law Committee declares that the certified PDF publication documents in the WAC Archive area on the Office of the Code Reviser's website constitute the official publication of the Washington Administrative Code.

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    WACs By Title

    Title 1Code Reviser, Office of the
    Title 3Academic Achievement and Accountability Commission
    Title 4Accountancy, Board of
    Title 10Administrative Hearings, Office of
    Title 12Transportation, Department of (Aeronautics Commission)
    Title 14Advanced Tuition Payment, Committee on
    Title 16Agriculture, Department of (See also Titles 24, 60, and 142)
    Title 18Air Pollution (See Titles 173, 371, and 372)
    Title 24Apple Commission
    Title 25Archaeology and Historic Preservation, Department of
    Title 30Arts Commission
    Title 34Asian Pacific American Affairs, Commission on
    Title 36Licensing, Department of (Professional Athletics)
    Title 44Attorney General's Office
    Title 48Auditor, Office of State
    Title 50Financial Institutions, Department of (Banking, Division of)
    Title 51Enterprise Services, Department of (Building Code Council)
    Title 55Basic Health Plan (See Title 182)
    Title 60Beef Commission
    Title 67Blind, Department of Services for the
    Title 72Blind, Washington State School for the
    Title 82Financial Management, Office of
    Title 88Transportation, Department of (Canal Commission)
    Title 90Canvassing Board
    Title 98Licensing, Department of (Cemetery Board)
    Title 1001989 Centennial Commission
    Title 106Central Washington University
    Title 108Charter School Commission
    Title 110Children, Youth, and Families, Department of
    Title 112Family and Children's Ombudsman, Office of the
    Title 113Chiropractic Disciplinary Board
    Title 114Chiropractic Examiners, Board of
    Title 118Military Department (Emergency Management)
    Title 120Community Development, Office of
    Title 130Commerce, Department of (Trade and Economic Development)
    Title 131Community and Technical Colleges, Board for
    Title 132APeninsula College
    Title 132BGrays Harbor College
    Title 132COlympic College
    Title 132DSkagit Valley College
    Title 132EEverett Community College
    Title 132FSeattle Colleges
    Title 132GShoreline Community College
    Title 132HBellevue College
    Title 132IHighline College
    Title 132JGreen River College
    Title 132KPierce College
    Title 132LCentralia College
    Title 132MLower Columbia College
    Title 132NClark College
    Title 132PYakima Valley Community College
    Title 132QSpokane, Community Colleges of
    Title 132RBig Bend Community College
    Title 132SColumbia Basin College
    Title 132TWalla Walla Community College
    Title 132UWhatcom Community College
    Title 132VTacoma Community College
    Title 132WWenatchee Valley College
    Title 132XSouth Puget Sound Community College
    Title 132YEdmonds Community College
    Title 132ZCascadia College
    Title 133Commerce, Department of (Community Economic Revitalization Board)
    Title 134Conservation, Department of (See Titles 332 and 508)
    Title 135Conservation Commission
    Title 136County Road Administration Board
    Title 137Corrections, Department of
    Title 138Corrections Ombuds, Office of the
    Title 139Criminal Justice Training Commission
    Title 140Convention and Trade Center
    Title 142Dairy Products Commission
    Title 143Consolidated Technology Services
    Title 148Deaf, Washington State School for the
    Title 154Deferred Compensation, Committee for
    Title 158Design Standards Committee--Arterial Streets
    Title 162Human Rights Commission
    Title 167Drug Abuse Prevention Office
    Title 170Early Learning, Department of
    Title 172Eastern Washington University
    Title 173Ecology, Department of (See also Titles 197, 317, 372, and 508)
    Title 174Evergreen State College, The
    Title 175Revenue, Department of (Economic Assistance Authority)
    Title 177Economic Opportunity, Office of
    Title 178Economic Development Finance Authority
    Title 179Paraeducator Board
    Title 180Education, State Board of
    Title 181Professional Educator Standards Board
    Title 182Health Care Authority
    Title 183Washington Citizens' Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials
    Title 184Employees' Retirement System, Public
    Title 186Employees' Retirement, Statewide Cities
    Title 187Employee Suggestion Awards Board
    Title 192Employment Security Department
    Title 194Commerce, Department of (Energy)
    Title 196Engineers and Land Surveyors, Board of Registration for Professional
    Title 197Ecology, Department of (Environmental Policy, Council on)
    Title 198Environmental and Land Use Hearings Office (See also Titles 223, 242, 371, and 461)
    Title 199Environmental Hearings Office (Environmental and Land Use Hearings Board)
    Title 200Enterprise Services, Department of
    Title 204State Patrol (Equipment) (See also Titles 212, 446 and 448)
    Title 208Financial Institutions, Department of (See also Titles 50, 419, and 460)
    Title 210State Treasurer's Office (Finance Committee)
    Title 212State Patrol (Fire Protection) (See also Titles 204, 446 and 448)
    Title 218Forensic Investigations Council
    Title 220Fish and Wildlife, Department of
    Title 222Forest Practices Board
    Title 223Environmental and Land Use Hearings Office (Pollution Control Hearings Board-Forest practices)
    Title 224Fruit Commission
    Title 226Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board
    Title 230Gambling Commission
    Title 232Fish and Wildlife, Department of (Wildlife)
    Title 236Enterprise Services, Department of (General Administration)
    Title 237Natural Resources, Department on (Geographic Names, Board and Committee on)
    Title 240Governor, Office of the
    Title 241Lieutenant Governor, Office of the
    Title 242Environmental and Land Use Hearings Office (Growth Management Hearings Board)
    Title 243Health Care Policy Board
    Title 244Hardwoods Commission
    Title 245Health Services Commission
    Title 246Health, Department of
    Title 247Health Care Facilities Authority
    Title 248Health, Board and Division of (Social and Health Services, Department of)
    Title 249Higher Education Assistance Authority
    Title 249AHigher Education, Joint Center for
    Title 250Student Achievement Council
    Title 251Personnel, Department of (Higher Education)
    Title 252Highway Commission (See Title 468)
    Title 253Higher Education Facilities Authority
    Title 254Historic Preservation, Advisory Council on
    Title 255Historical Society, Washington State
    Title 256Historical Society, Eastern Washington State
    Title 257Home Care Quality Authority
    Title 259Environmental Hearings Office (Hydraulic Appeals Board)
    Title 260Horse Racing Commission
    Title 261Hospital Commission
    Title 262Housing Finance Commission
    Title 263Industrial Insurance Appeals, Board of
    Title 275Social and Health Services, Department of (Institutions)
    Title 284Insurance Commissioner, Office of the
    Title 286Recreation and Conservation Office (Recreation and Conservation Funding Board)
    Title 287Investment Board, State
    Title 288Jail Industries Board
    Title 289Corrections Standards Board
    Title 290Judicial Retirement Board (See Title 415)
    Title 292Ethics in Public Service
    Title 294Land Use Study Commission
    Title 296Labor and Industries, Department of
    Title 297Law Enforcement Officers' and Firefighters' Retirement Board, Washington (See Title 415)
    Title 298Leased Tidelands Valuation Boards
    Title 299Law Enforcement Officers' Training Commission
    Title 300Librarians, Certification of
    Title 304Library Commission
    Title 306Law Revision Commission
    Title 308Licensing, Department of (See also Titles 36, 98 and 196)
    Title 314Liquor and Cannabis Board
    Title 315Lottery Commission
    Title 316Marine Employees' Commission
    Title 317Ecology, Department of (Marine Safety, Office of)
    Title 318Maritime Commission
    Title 320Medical Disciplinary Board (See Title 246)
    Title 322Hispanic Affairs, Commission on
    Title 323Military Department (See also Title 118)
    Title 326Minority and Women's Business Enterprises, Office of
    Title 330Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle
    Title 332Natural Resources, Board and Department of (See also Title 222)
    Title 335Nuclear Waste Board
    Title 342Oceanographic Commission
    Title 344Oil and Gas Conservation Committee
    Title 352Parks and Recreation Commission
    Title 356Personnel, Department of (General Government)
    Title 357Financial Management, Office of -- State Human Resources Director
    Title 358Personnel Appeals Board
    Title 359Personnel, Department of (Personnel Resources Board)
    Title 360Pharmacy, Board of
    Title 363Pilotage Commissioners, Board of
    Title 365Commerce, Department of (Community Development)
    Title 371Environmental and Land Use Hearings Office (Pollution Control Hearings Board)
    Title 372Ecology, Department of (Water Pollution)
    Title 374Pollution Liability Insurance Agency
    Title 380Printing and Duplicating Committee
    Title 381Indeterminate Sentence Review Board
    Title 383Productivity Board
    Title 388Social and Health Services, Department of
    Title 389State Treasurer's Office (Public Deposit Protection Commission)
    Title 390Public Disclosure Commission
    Title 391Public Employment Relations Commission
    Title 392Public Instruction, Superintendent of
    Title 399Commerce, Department of (Public Works Board)
    Title 400Puget Sound Partnership
    Title 402Radiation Control Agency
    Title 410Reciprocity Commission
    Title 414Records Committee, Local
    Title 415Retirement Systems, Department of
    Title 417Redistricting Commission
    Title 419Financial Institutions, Department of (Savings and Loan Associations, Division of)
    Title 420Recreation and Conservation Office (Salmon Recovery Funding Board)
    Title 430Washington State School Directors' Association
    Title 434Secretary of State
    Title 437Sentencing Guidelines Commission
    Title 440Social and Health Services, Department of (General Provisions)
    Title 446State Patrol (See also Titles 204, 212 and 448)
    Title 448State Patrol (State Toxicologist) (See also Titles 204, 212 and 446)
    Title 456Tax Appeals, Board of
    Title 458Revenue, Department of
    Title 460Financial Institutions, Department of (Securities Division)
    Title 461Environmental and Land Use Hearings Office (Shorelines Hearings Board)
    Title 462Teachers' Retirement
    Title 463Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council
    Title 465Tobacco Settlement Authority
    Title 466Toll Bridge Authority
    Title 467Traffic Safety Commission
    Title 468Transportation, Department of (See Title 88)
    Title 470Transportation of Dangerous Cargoes, Advisory Committee on
    Title 474State Treasurer's Office (See also Titles 210 and 389)
    Title 478University of Washington
    Title 479Transportation Improvement Board
    Title 480Utilities and Transportation Commission
    Title 482Veterans Rehabilitation Council (See Title 388)
    Title 484Veterans Affairs, Department of
    Title 490Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board, Also Vocational Rehabilitation
    Title 491Volunteer Firefighters and Reserve Officers, State Board for
    Title 495ABates Technical College
    Title 495BBellingham Technical College
    Title 495CClover Park Technical College
    Title 495DLake Washington Institute of Technology
    Title 495ERenton Technical College
    Title 504Washington State University
    Title 508Ecology, Department of (Water Resources) (See also Titles 173, 197, and 372)
    Title 516Western Washington University
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