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Title 137 WAC

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137-08Public records—Disclosure.
137-12AOne-time impact funds available to qualifying political subdivisions.
137-20Sale of products and services of vocational education students.
137-24Special drug sentencing alternative revocation hearings.
137-25Serious violations—Total and partial confinement facilities.
137-30Earned release time.
137-32Prisons—Administrative segregation and intensive management.
137-36Adult correctional institutions—Inmate personal property.
137-48Mail and communications for individuals in prison.
137-52Resident of adult correctional institution escorted leave of absence.
137-54Inmate marriages—Adult correctional facilities.
137-55Adult correctional institutions—Acquisition of personal hygiene items.
137-56Partial confinement.
137-57Selecting contractors for and siting of community residential programs (work/training release facilities).
137-58Guideline for implementing the State Environmental Policy Act.
137-60Adult correctional institutions—Release programs—Furlough.
137-67Transfer of citizens of foreign countries.
137-68Adult probation and parole—Interstate compact.
137-69Adult offender supervision—Interstate compact.
137-70Reimbursement for criminal justice costs and contingency plan expenses.
137-75Jail and medical cost reimbursement to cities and counties.
137-78Employee assault benefits.
137-79Sexual misconduct by state employees, contractors.
137-80Correctional industries and programs.
137-91Adult correctional institutions—Medical care—Health care.
137-96Prerelease programs.
137-100Occupational exposure to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).
137-104Community custody violation hearings.
137-150Access to mental health records.
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