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Title 516 WAC

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516-04Board of trustees.
516-09Public records.
516-12Parking and traffic regulations.
516-13Bicycles, mopeds, and other powered devices.
516-15Skateboards, foot scooters, skates, and other similar devices.
516-21Student conduct code.
516-24General conduct.
516-25External affairs.
516-26Student records.
516-28Standards and procedures for involuntary administrative withdrawal of students at Western Washington University for behavior from mental disorders.
516-31State Environmental Policy Act—Rule.
516-32Small works roster.
516-34Leasing of university property for business purposes.
516-35Use of university property—Freedom of expression and assembly.
516-36Use of university property—Scheduling and general use.
516-37Use of university facilities—Libraries.
516-38Access to campus services.
516-39Media services.
516-40Course materials.
516-52Health and safety.
516-56University housing and dining.
516-60Admission and registration procedures.
516-108Practice and procedure.
516-400Loss of eligibility—Student athletic participation.
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