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Title 365 WAC

|Show DispositionsLast Update: 3/29/23


(Formerly: CTED (Community Development))


365-04General procedures.
365-08Uniform procedural rules.
365-10Public Records—Disclosure.
365-18Long-term care ombudsman program, department of community, trade, and economic development.
365-65Small business retirement marketplace.
365-70Allocating single family housing bonds among local housing agencies.
365-80Fire protection contracts for state facilities with cities and towns.
365-90Supplemental law enforcement resources for border areas.
365-100Winter utility moratorium program.
365-130Bond users clearinghouse.
365-135Bond cap allocation.
365-150Washington state development loan fund.
365-175Rules for low-income home rehabilitation revolving loan program.
365-180Energy matchmakers.
365-185Procedures for management of growth management planning and environmental review fund.
365-190Minimum guidelines to classify agriculture, forest, mineral lands and critical areas.
365-191Voluntary stewardship program approval procedures.
365-195Growth Management Act—Best available science.
365-196Growth Management Act—Procedural criteria for adopting comprehensive plans and development regulations.
365-197Project consistency.
365-198Interlocal terms and conditions for the transfer of development rights.
365-199Procedures for making a determination of compliance for jurisdictions seeking voluntary reversion to partial planning status.
365-200The affordable housing program.
365-205Individual development accounts.
365-210Manufactured housing installer training and certification program.
365-212Manufactured housing relocation.
365-220Developmental disabilities endowment trust fund.
365-230Accreditation of lead-based paint training programs and the certification of firms and individuals conducting lead-based paint activities and renovation.
365-240Affordable and supportive housing—Local sales and use tax.
Reviser's note: The department of community development reaffirmed and assumed all rules made by the former planning and community affairs agency by the filing of WSR 84-14-064 on June 30, 1984. The reaffirmed chapters within Title 365 are as follows: Chapters 365-04, 365-06, 365-08, 365-12, 365-14, 365-22, 365-24, 365-31, 365-40, 365-60, 365-70, 365-80, and 365-90 WAC.