Title 182 WAC

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182-02General definitions.
182-04Public records.
182-12Eligible and noneligible employees.
182-13State resident—Medicare supplement.
182-16Practice and procedure.
182-20Standards for community health clinics.
182-30Enrollment procedures.
182-31Eligible school employees.
182-32Appeals practices and procedures.
182-50Prescription drug programs.
182-55Health technology assessment program.
182-60Patient decision aids.
182-500Medical definitions.
182-501Administration of medical programs—General.
182-502Administration of medical programs—Providers.
182-502AProgram integrity.
182-503Persons eligible for medical assistance.
182-504Certification periods and change of circumstance.
182-505Family, children, pregnancy and adult medical programs.
182-506Medical financial responsibility.
182-507Medical assistance programs for noncitizens.
182-508Classic and state-funded Washington apple health eligibility for adults.
182-509Income and resources.
182-510Supplemental security income.
182-511Health care for workers with disabilities (HWD).
182-512SSI-related medical.
182-513Client not in own home—Institutional medical.
182-514Long-term care for families and children.
182-515Alternate living—Institutional medical.
182-516Trusts, annuities, life estates, and promissory notes—Effect on medical programs.
182-517Medicare-related medical eligibility.
182-518Washington apple health—Letters and notices.
182-519Medically needy and spenddown.
182-520Fraud referrals and overpayments.
182-523Medical extensions.
182-526Administrative hearing rules for medical services programs.
182-527Estate recovery and pre death liens.
182-530Prescription drugs (outpatient).
182-531Physician-related services.
182-531AApplied behavior analysis.
182-532Reproductive health/family planning only/TAKE CHARGE.
182-533Maternity-related services.
182-534Early and periodic screening, diagnosis and treatment (EPSDT).
182-535Dental-related services.
182-535AOrthodontic services.
182-537School-based health care services.
182-538Managed care.
182-538AWashington apple health fully integrated managed care (FIMC).
182-538BBehavioral health wraparound services.
182-538CCrisis and noncrisis behavioral health services.
182-539HIV/AIDS related services.
182-540Kidney disease program and kidney center services.
182-543Medical equipment, supplies, and appliances.
182-544Vision care.
182-546Transportation services.
182-547Hearing aids.
182-548Federally qualified health centers.
182-549Rural health clinics.
182-550Hospital services.
182-551Alternatives to hospital services.
182-552Respiratory care.
182-553Home infusion therapy/parenteral nutrition program.
182-554Enteral nutrition program.
182-555Medical nutrition therapy.
182-556Medical care—Other services provided.
182-557Health homes.
182-558Premium payment program.
182-559Foundational community supports program.
182-560Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act.
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