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PDFWAC 296-36-210

Medical supervision and medical and first-aid facilities—Medical supervision.

(1) Appointed physician. Where workmen are employed in compressed air, their employer shall make arrangements for their medical supervision by one or more licensed physicians trained in the physical requirements and the medical aspects of compressed air work and the treatment of decompression illness. The employer shall arrange for medical examination of all workmen employed in compressed air at a suitable place or places by the appointed physician in accordance with these regulations. The appointed physician or physicians shall be immediately available in case of emergency or accident. Each appointed physician shall be physically qualified to subject himself to a compressed air environment.
(2) Appointed physician's duties and responsibilities.
(a) General. All matters on the job pertaining to the health of employees, treatment on the job of illness and injuries, special first-aid and nursing personnel or assistants, lock attendants, and medical and first-aid equipment shall be under the supervision of the appointed physician.
(b) He shall make all required physical examinations.
(c) He shall make and sign all required reports of such examinations using the forms provided by the department of labor and industries.
(d) He shall make at least one inspection on the job every day of all treatment records and the required decompression record and he shall inspect or inquire into conditions which may constitute a potential hazard to the health of any employee.
(3) Certified medical attendant. There shall be on every job a certified medical attendant trained to the satisfaction of the appointed physician in administering first aid on compressed air jobs, and who shall be in attendance in the first-aid room while work in compressed air is going on and at such other times as the physician may direct. The medical attendant shall be in personal charge of the administration of first aid and such other duties as physician may direct. Under no circumstances shall female medical attendants be subjected to a compressed air environment.
(4) First-aid personnel.
(a) The superintendent and every foreman and at least one additional designated person on each shift below ground shall be trained to the satisfaction of the appointed physician in administering first aid.
(b) Where more than 10 but less than 50 men are employed per shift underground, there shall be at least 2 such additional designated trained persons on the job and available on call.
(c) Where more than 50 men are employed per shift underground, the designated trained personnel shall include all shift bosses and time keepers in addition to those required in subsection (b) above.
(d) All designated first-aid personnel must have in their possession current first-aid certificates that meet certificate requirements stated in chapter 296-24 WAC, Part A-1.
(5) First-aid meetings. All designated first-aid personnel shall meet at least once in each 3 months or oftener if directed by the physician for further first-aid instruction by the physician.
(6) First-aid room and equipment. The employer must provide a first-aid room properly heated and maintained within 100 yards of the principal entrance to the underground work. It must be equipped with a first-aid kit, medical supplies and equipment consisting of not less than the minimum requirements listed in chapter 296-24 WAC, Part A-1.
(7) First-aid equipment underground. All the equipment and supplies which the appointed physician may deem necessary for first-aid underground shall be provided and maintained readily available in a suitable cabinet or cabinets. A list of the contents signed by the appointed physician shall be permanently attached to the inside of the cabinet door or cover. The cabinet shall be plainly marked with a red cross and the words "first aid."
In caissons, one such cabinet shall be conveniently located in the working chamber.
In tunnels where a bulkhead is installed, one such cabinet shall be located on each side of the bulkhead near the entrance to the man lock.
In tunnels having no bulkhead, one such cabinet shall be located within 100 yards of the working face.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.010, [49.17].040 and [49.17].050. WSR 00-01-038, § 296-36-210, filed 12/7/99, effective 2/1/00. Statutory Authority: Chapter 49.17 RCW. WSR 90-17-051 (Order 90-10), § 296-36-210, filed 8/13/90, effective 9/24/90; Rules (Part XIX A), filed 12/28/62; § 23, filed 3/23/60.]
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