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PDFWAC 296-36-200

Special provisions for caissons.

(1) Number of locks. Every caisson shall have at least two locks, one of which shall be used exclusively as a man lock. Exception: Caissons having a working area less than 150 square feet may have a single or combined man and material lock.
(2) Location of man locks. The bottom of the lowest door opening of locks shall not be less than 3 feet above the water level being controlled by the use of compressed air.
(3) Lock platforms. All caisson locks located above ground shall be provided with an exterior platform not less than 42 inches wide with stairs or ladders leading thereto. The platform and stairs shall have a substantial handrail with midrail and the platform shall have toeboards at least 4 inches high.
(4) Ladderways and stairways in man shafts or shafting. Ladderways or stairways shall be provided and shall be kept clear and in good condition. Stairways shall be lighted at every landing and ladderways shall be lighted at 10-foot intervals with guarded incandescent lamps. Ladders and landings shall be of incombustible material. Pockets in the wall of the shaft shall not be used in lieu of ladders. In caissons having a working area more than 150 square feet, the man shafts shall be separated from the hoisting shaft by a barrier. Where the man shaft is separated from the hoisting shaft, the ladderways shall be provided with platform landings at intervals not exceeding 15 feet. In caissons having a working area less than 150 square feet, the ladder shall be recessed to prevent interference between the bucket and the ladder.
(5) Hoisting. No person shall ride on a loaded car, cage or bucket. Where the ladderway and hoistway are not separated by a barrier, no hoisting shall be done while any person is ascending or descending the ladder, nor shall any person enter the shaft while the hoisting conveyance is in motion. Standard warning signals shall be provided and shall be given and acknowledged to affect compliance with this provision.
(6) Shoring. Where the bottom of the excavation is below the cutting edge of the caisson and there is danger of a cave-in, the sides of the excavation shall be securely shored.
[Rules (Part XVIII), filed 12/28/62; ยง 17, filed 3/23/60.]
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