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PDFWAC 296-36-215

Medical supervision and medical and first-aid facilities—Medical locks.

(1) Requirement and location. When the pressure in a working chamber exceeds 13 pounds per square inch gage, a suitably constructed medical lock shall be provided and maintained and used solely for the treatment and examination of workmen working in compressed air. It shall be situated adjacent to a medical emergency room but separated therefrom to provide privacy for patient and doctor during treatment or examination.
(2) Design and equipment.
(a) The medical lock shall have not less than 6 feet of clear head room and shall consist of not less than two compartments so that the lock can be entered while under pressure. It shall be adequately ventilated, air conditioned, heated and lighted and be constructed and finished as to be readily kept in a clean and sanitary condition.
(b) The medical lock shall be designed for an operating pressure of 75 pounds per square inch gage pressure.
(c) It shall be equipped with pressure gages readily observed from inside and outside of the medical lock indicating the pressure on the inside of the lock.
(d) The air line supplying the medical lock shall be equipped with valves so arranged that the pressure may be controlled from inside or outside the lock.
(e) Oxygen inhalation apparatus shall at all times be maintained ready for use in the lock, but the source of supply shall be located outside of the lock. Oxygen and oxy-helium mixtures shall not be used until proper diagnosis is made by the appointed physician and shall be used only under his direction and supervision. The air compressing plant used for supplying compressed air to the medical lock shall have sufficient capacity to raise the pressure in the medical lock from zero pounds to 75 pounds per square inch gage within 5 minutes and shall be equipped to prevent excessively high temperature within the lock. The temperature within the lock shall not exceed 90 degrees F. at 75 pounds per square inch gage pressure.
(f) The medical lock shall be provided with suitable equipment including a couch not less than 6 feet in length, blankets, food lock, efficient means of verbal communication and of giving nonverbal signals between the inside and outside of the lock, and between the two compartments, and a window or windows through which workmen in either compartment can be observed from outside. Telephone communications shall be provided between the inside and outside of the medical lock. The telephone circuits shall, however, be so arranged that completion of calls originating inside the lock and destined for subscribers of the commercial communication system or calls the origin of which is from a subscriber of the commercial communication system and destined for the medical lock, must be completed by the lock attendant.
(g) All necessary apparatus, instruments, medical supplies and equipment as required by the appointed physician shall be kept in the lock at all times.
(3) Use of medical lock.
(a) The medical lock shall be kept ready for immediate use and, when any workman is actually employed in compressed air, shall be constantly in charge of a person trained in the use of a medical lock and suitably instructed as to the steps to be taken in the event of any workman suffering ill effects from compressed air.
(b) No workman shall enter or be treated in the medical lock in which pressure exists except at the direction of the appointed physician for the purpose of examination as to medical fitness or for the purpose of diagnosis of a suspected illness, or for treatment of the condition diagnosed by the appointed physician.
[Rules (Part XIX B), filed 12/28/62; § 23, filed 3/23/60.]
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