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PDFWAC 246-358-050

TWH management plan.

(1) An operator shall develop and implement a written TWH management plan that must include:
(a) A safety plan that includes:
(i) Emergency information, including site name and address, emergency contact phone numbers, location of local emergency services, and the department of health multilingual TWH complaint line;
(ii) A plan for contacting a first-aid trained person or emergency services within a reasonable amount of time; and
(iii) Those designated actions operators and occupants shall take to ensure occupant safety from fire and other emergencies, including the following:
(A) Emergency escape procedures and emergency escape route assignments;
(B) Procedures to account for all occupants after emergency evacuation has been completed;
(C) The preferred means of reporting fires and other emergencies; and
(D) Names or regular job titles of those who can be contacted for further information or explanation of duties under the plan.
(iv) A requirement to designate and train a sufficient number of people to assist in the safe and orderly emergency evacuation of occupants; and
(v) A requirement to regularly and properly maintain, according to established procedures, equipment and systems installed on heat producing equipment to prevent accidental ignition of combustible materials.
(b) Residency rules that describe to the occupants expectations for maintaining a safe and orderly TWH.
(2) The operator shall make available:
(a) A written copy of the TWH management plan, in English and the language commonly understood by the occupants, to the department of health or the department of labor and industries upon request; and
(b) A written copy of the residency rules to occupants, in English and the language commonly understood by the occupants by:
(i) Posting it in a central location visible to the occupants; and
(ii) Providing individual copies to each occupant, if requested.
(3) When changes are made to the TWH management plan, the operator shall submit the revised TWH management plan to the department of health within 10 calendar days of the effective date and comply with the requirements in subsection (2)(b) of this section.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.114A.065 and 43.70.335. WSR 23-19-080, § 246-358-050, filed 9/19/23, effective 11/1/23. Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.114A RCW and RCW 43.70.334 through 43.70.340. WSR 15-13-091, § 246-358-050, filed 6/15/15, effective 1/1/16.]
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