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PDFWAC 246-358-045

Temporary worker housing sites.

The operator shall:
(1) To prevent a health or safety hazard, locate and operate a TWH site that is:
(a) Adequately drained and any drainage from and through the TWH must not endanger any domestic or public water supply;
(b) Free from periodic flooding and depressions in which water may become a nuisance;
(c) At least two hundred feet from a swamp, pool, sink hole, or other surface collection of water unless there is a mosquito prevention program for those areas; and
(d) Large enough to prevent overcrowding of necessary structures.
(2) Ensure the principal TWH area for sleeping and for food preparation and eating are at least five hundred feet from where livestock are kept or congregate.
(3) Ensure the TWH grounds and open areas surrounding the buildings are kept in a clean and sanitary condition free from refuse.
(4) Ensure all worker-supplied housing is maintained in good working condition.
(5) Restrict the number of occupants in the TWH to the capacity as determined by the department of health.
(6) When closing housing permanently or for the season:
(a) Dispose of all refuse to prevent nuisance; and
(b) Leave the grounds and buildings in a clean and sanitary condition.
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