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PDFWAC 246-358-055

Water supply.

The operator shall:
(1) Provide a safe and reliable supply of drinking water from an approved Group A or Group B public water system meeting the requirements of:
(a) WAC 246-358-025 (2)(d) and chapter 246-290 WAC, or chapter 246-291 WAC; or
(b) Local board of health rules.
(2) Ensure that the distribution lines are able to maintain the working pressure of the water piping system at not less than twenty pounds per square inch after allowing for friction and other pressure losses.
(3) When water is not piped to each dwelling unit, provide cold, potable, running water under pressure within one hundred feet of each dwelling unit.
(4) When water sources are not available in each dwelling unit:
(a) Provide one or more drinking fountains for each one hundred occupants or fraction thereof; and
(b) Prohibit the use of common drinking cups or containers from which water is dipped or poured.
(5) Provide an adequate supply of hot and cold running water under pressure in bathing, food-handling, and laundry facilities.
(6) Provide an automatically controlled hot water supply of 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in bathing, food-handling, and laundry facilities.
(7) When water located within 100 feet of a dwelling unit is unsafe for drinking purposes and accessible to occupants, post a sign by each nonpotable water source that:
(b) Is printed in English and in the native language(s) of the occupants; and
(c) Is marked with easily understood pictures or symbols.
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