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PDFWAC 220-356-050

Puget Sound forage fish commercial fisheriesGeneral provisions.

(1) It is unlawful to fish for or possess Puget Sound forage fish taken for commercial purposes except at the times, during the seasons and using the gear provided for in this chapter.
(2) It is unlawful to fish for or possess candlefish taken for commercial purposes. A violation of this subsection is punishable under RCW 77.15.550, Violation of commercial fishing area or timePenalty.
(3) The total annual quota for the Puget Sound smelt commercial fishery may not exceed sixty thousand pounds.
(4) It is unlawful for vessel operators engaged in the commercial harvest of smelt from Puget Sound to fail to report their daily catch to the department by 2:00 p.m. the day following the harvest of smelt.
(a) Catch reports may be submitted to the department as follows:
(i) By emailing the catch report or a picture of the fish receiving ticket to; or
(ii) By phone at 1- 844-611-3822.
(b) Catch reports must include the following information as it is recorded on the fish receiving ticket:
(i) Fisher name;
(ii) Wholesale fish buyer name;
(iii) Pounds of smelt landed;
(iv) Marine fish/shellfish catch area, as described in WAC 220-301-040;
(v) Date of harvest;
(vi) Date of sale;
(vii) Complete fish ticket serial number, including the first alphanumeric letter; and
(viii) If a picture of the fish receiving ticket is emailed as the daily harvest report, the date of harvest must be recorded on the bottom half of the ticket.
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