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PDFWAC 182-526-0512

Contents of the hearing record.

(1) The administrative law judge must produce a complete official record of the proceedings.
(2) The official record must include, if applicable:
(a) Notice of all proceedings;
(b) Any prehearing order;
(c) Any motions, pleadings, briefs, petitions requests, and intermediate rulings;
(d) Evidence received or considered;
(e) A statement of matters officially noticed;
(f) Offers of proof, objections, and any resulting rulings;
(g) Proposed findings, requested orders and exceptions;
(h) A complete audio recording of the entire hearing, together with any transcript of the hearing;
(i) Any final order, initial order, or order on reconsideration; and
(j) Matters placed on the record after an ex parte communication.
[Statutory Authority: 2011 1st sp.s. c 15 § 53, chapters 74.09, 34.05 RCW, and 10-08 WAC. WSR 13-02-007, § 182-526-0512, filed 12/19/12, effective 2/1/13.]
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