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Chapter 182-526 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF182-526-0005Purpose and scope.
HTMLPDF182-526-0015Terms in the Administrative Procedure Act compared to this chapter.
HTMLPDF182-526-0020Good cause.
HTMLPDF182-526-0025Use and location of the office of administrative hearings.
HTMLPDF182-526-0030Contacting the board of appeals.
HTMLPDF182-526-0035Calculating when a hearing deadline ends.
HTMLPDF182-526-0040Service of documents on another party.
HTMLPDF182-526-0070Filing documents.
HTMLPDF182-526-0080Resolving a dispute with the health care authority.
HTMLPDF182-526-0085Determining if a hearing right exists.
HTMLPDF182-526-0095Requesting a hearing.
HTMLPDF182-526-0100Expedited administrative hearings for urgent health care needs.
HTMLPDF182-526-0102Coordinated appeals process with the Washington health benefits exchange.
HTMLPDF182-526-0110Process after a hearing is requested.
HTMLPDF182-526-0115Withdrawing a request for hearing.
HTMLPDF182-526-0120Interpreter services for hearings.
HTMLPDF182-526-0130Limited-English-proficient partiesNotice requirements.
HTMLPDF182-526-0140Waiving interpreter services.
HTMLPDF182-526-0145Interpreter requirements.
HTMLPDF182-526-0150Hearing decisions involving limited-English-proficient parties.
HTMLPDF182-526-0155Appellant's representation in the hearing.
HTMLPDF182-526-0156Legal assistance in the hearing process.
HTMLPDF182-526-0175Prehearing meetings.
HTMLPDF182-526-0185Settlement agreements.
HTMLPDF182-526-0195Prehearing conferences.
HTMLPDF182-526-0200Enrollee appeals of a managed care organization action.
HTMLPDF182-526-0203Administrative reviews requested by a reporting entity to the prescription drug pricing transparency program.
HTMLPDF182-526-0205Appeals requested by a data supplier to the Washington all payer health care claims database (WA-APCD).
HTMLPDF182-526-0206Hearing and final order for penalties imposed under WAC 182-70-600.
HTMLPDF182-526-0210Appeals requested by intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ICF/IID).
HTMLPDF182-526-0215Authority of the administrative law judge when conducting a hearing.
HTMLPDF182-526-0216The authority of the administrative law judge and the review judge is limited.
HTMLPDF182-526-0218The authority of a review judge when conducting a hearing as a presiding officer.
HTMLPDF182-526-0220Rules and laws an administrative law judge and review judge must apply when conducting a hearing and making a decision.
HTMLPDF182-526-0221HCA index of significant decisions.
HTMLPDF182-526-0230Assigning an administrative law judge to a hearing.
HTMLPDF182-526-0240Filing a motion of prejudice.
HTMLPDF182-526-0245Disqualifying an administrative law judge or review judge.
HTMLPDF182-526-0250Time requirements for notices issued by the office of administrative hearings.
HTMLPDF182-526-0255Notice of hearing or notice of prehearing conference.
HTMLPDF182-526-0260Amending the health care authority or managed care organization notice.
HTMLPDF182-526-0265Amending hearing requests.
HTMLPDF182-526-0270Mailing address changes.
HTMLPDF182-526-0280Continuing a hearing when an appellant is an applicant or recipient.
HTMLPDF182-526-0282Continuance requests in provider hearing, estate recovery hearing, or nursing home rate hearing under WAC 388-96-904.
HTMLPDF182-526-0284Orders of default.
HTMLPDF182-526-0285Orders of dismissal.
HTMLPDF182-526-0290Reinstating a hearing after an order of default or an order of dismissal.
HTMLPDF182-526-0300Order of dismissal based on subject matter.
HTMLPDF182-526-0310Requesting a stay of the health care authority action.
HTMLPDF182-526-0340Hearing location.
HTMLPDF182-526-0345Administrative law judge present at the hearing.
HTMLPDF182-526-0350Recording the hearing.
HTMLPDF182-526-0355People who may attend the hearing.
HTMLPDF182-526-0360Changing how a hearing is held or how a witness appears at a hearing.
HTMLPDF182-526-0370Submitting documents for a telephonic hearing.
HTMLPDF182-526-0375Summary of the hearing process.
HTMLPDF182-526-0380Group hearing requests.
HTMLPDF182-526-0387Requesting that a hearing be consolidated or severed when multiple agencies are parties to the proceeding.
HTMLPDF182-526-0440Judicial notice.
HTMLPDF182-526-0480Burden of proof.
HTMLPDF182-526-0485Standard of proof.
HTMLPDF182-526-0495Equitable estoppel.
HTMLPDF182-526-0500Hearing record.
HTMLPDF182-526-0512Contents of the hearing record.
HTMLPDF182-526-0520Information which must be included in the ALJ's initial order.
HTMLPDF182-526-0525When initial orders become final.
HTMLPDF182-526-0530How to correct or appeal an initial order.
HTMLPDF182-526-0540Correction of clerical errors in an initial order.
HTMLPDF182-526-0545How a party requests a corrected initial order.
HTMLPDF182-526-0550Deadline for a party to request a corrected initial order.
HTMLPDF182-526-0555Process after a party requests a corrected initial order.
HTMLPDF182-526-0560Review of an initial order by a review judge.
HTMLPDF182-526-0565Evidence a review judge considers in reviewing an initial order.
HTMLPDF182-526-0570Request for review of an initial order.
HTMLPDF182-526-0575How to request review of an initial order.
HTMLPDF182-526-0580Deadline for requesting review of an initial order by a review judge.
HTMLPDF182-526-0590Response to a request for review.
HTMLPDF182-526-0595Process after review response deadline.
HTMLPDF182-526-0600Authority of the review judge.
HTMLPDF182-526-0605Reconsideration of a final order entered by a review judge.
HTMLPDF182-526-0620Deadline for requesting reconsideration.
HTMLPDF182-526-0630Responding to a reconsideration request.
HTMLPDF182-526-0635Process after a party requests reconsideration.
HTMLPDF182-526-0640Judicial review of a final order.
HTMLPDF182-526-0645Deadline for petition for judicial review and filing requirements.
HTMLPDF182-526-0647Exhaustion of administrative remedies required.
HTMLPDF182-526-0650Service of petition for judicial review.
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