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PDFWAC 173-226-140

Notice to other government agencies.

The department shall notify other appropriate government agencies of each draft general permit determination and shall provide such agencies an opportunity to submit their written views and recommendations. Such notification for NPDES and combined NPDES/state waste discharge general permits only, shall include the following:
(1) Transmission of the fact sheet, application form, and draft general permit to the regional administrator for comment or objection. The regional administrator shall be provided ninety days to comment on the draft permit prior to issuance by the department unless an alternative time period is mutually agreed on by the director and the regional administrator.
(2) Immediately following issuance, the department shall transmit a copy of every fact sheet, application form, and general permit along with any and all terms, conditions, requirements, or documents which are a part of the general permit or which affect the authorization by the general permit, of the discharge of pollutants, to the regional administrator.
(3) At the time of issuance of the public notices pursuant to WAC 173-226-130 (1)(a), (3)(a), and (4)(a) the department shall transmit the public notices to any other states whose waters may be affected by the issuance of the general permit. Each affected state shall be afforded an opportunity to submit written comments pursuant to WAC 173-226-130 (1)(b) and (3)(d), to the department and to the regional administrator, which the department may incorporate into the permit if issued. Should the department fail to incorporate any written recommendations thus received, it shall provide to the affected state or states (and to the regional administrator) a written explanation of its reasons for failing to accept any of the written recommendations or comments.
(4) Unless waived by the respective agency, the public notices issued pursuant to WAC 173-226-130 (1)(a), (2), (3)(a), and (4)(a) shall be sent to the appropriate district engineer of the Army Corps of Engineers, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Marine Fisheries Service, the state departments of fisheries, health, natural resources, wildlife, and social and health services, the office of archaeology and historic preservation, the agency responsible for the preparation of an approved plan pursuant to section 208(b) of the FWPCA, applicable Indian tribes, and any other applicable government agencies.
(5) A copy of any written agreement between the department and an agency identified in subsection (4) of this section which waives the receipt of public notices shall be forwarded to the regional administrator and shall be made available upon request to the public for inspection and copying.
(6) Copies of public notices issued pursuant to WAC 173-226-130 (1)(a), (2), (3)(a), and (4)(a) shall be mailed to any other federal, state, or local agency, Indian tribe, or any affected country, upon request. Such agencies shall have an opportunity to respond or comment on the draft general permit pursuant to WAC 173-226-130 (1)(b) and (3)(d).
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 90.48 RCW. WSR 93-10-099 (Order 92-55), ยง 173-226-140, filed 5/5/93, effective 5/19/93.]
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