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PDFWAC 16-125-200

Recording thermometers—Installation.

(1) All new farm bulk tank installations must include a recording thermometer and an automatic interval timer. Installation of a used milk tank will be regarded as a new installation.
(2) The installation and operation of recording thermometers and interval timers shall be the responsibility of the holder of the Grade A producer permit.
(3) Recording devices must not be attached to a farm tank. Recording devices may be suspended on metal brackets from the ceiling, firmly attached to the inside wall of the milk room, or at any other location acceptable to the department. The recording device must be mounted no more than six feet from the floor or be otherwise accessible from the floor without the necessity of climbing.
(4) The sensor bulb or device must be located so as to record the temperature of the milk in the tank before the milk reaches twenty percent of the tank volume. A capillary system containing toxic gas or liquids must not be used in a bare bulb sensor device.
(5) The recorder and chart must be capable at a minimum of recording from thirty-two degrees to one hundred eighty degrees F, or above, and must be accurate within plus or minus two degrees F.
(6) The case of the recording device must be moisture-proof under operating conditions in the milk house or milk room.
(7) The recording chart must make at a minimum one revolution every seven days. A strip chart must not be used.
(8) The recording clock must be electrically operated. The recorder pen must be set to the actual time.
(9) If at any time, the recording device becomes inoperable or out of tolerance, the inspection service and the pooling agent or hauler must be notified immediately by the producer. Repair or replacement of the device must be made as soon as possible.
(10) The producer must maintain an adequate supply of recording charts. The charts must fit the specific instrument installed.
(11) To prevent stratification of the milk in the tank the interval timer must be set so the milk will be agitated for at least five minutes every hour.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 15.36.020. WSR 99-18-032, § 16-125-200, filed 8/25/99, effective 9/25/99. Statutory Authority: Chapter 15.36 RCW. WSR 86-17-014 (Order 1902), § 16-125-200, filed 8/8/86.]
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