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PDFWAC 16-125-210

Recording thermometer—Operation.

(1) Milk and milk products for consumption in the raw state or for pasteurization must be cooled to forty degrees F or lower within two hours after completion of milking and maintained at that temperature until picked up: Provided, That the blend temperature after the first and subsequent milkings may not exceed fifty degrees F.
(2) In making a milk pick-up, the licensed grader and sampler must:
(a) Remove the chart from the recorder before the chart has lapsed;
(b) Mark the date and time of pick-up;
(c) Sign the chart;
(d) Date and install a new chart, if necessary;
(e) File the completed charts under protected conditions, provided for by the producer, unless they are taken to the purchaser's premises for his review.
(f) If the charts are taken from the dairy farm, they must be returned within ten days from the date they were taken: Provided, That subject to the approval of its members and the department, a pooling agent, processing plant, receiving plant or regular place of business may file the recording thermometer charts at its place of business.
(g) The official milk temperature must be taken with an accurate, properly calibrated thermometer.
(3) The temperature recording charts may be used for more than one pick-up: Provided, That all the pick-ups occur within the maximum time interval of the chart. When the chart is used for more than one pick-up, the licensed grader and sampler must identify each lot of milk with the date, time of pick-up and his/her signature.
(4) Before removing milk from a farm bulk tank, the licensed grader and sampler must check the recording chart. If the licensed grader and sampler finds milk temperature variations extending beyond the legal limits, he/she must immediately notify the producer, or in the absence of the producer, an employee, and the producer's marketing agent. The licensed grader and sampler must sign the chart noting the date, time, stick reading and indicate that a temperature infraction has occurred. The producer's marketing agent must notify the department of agriculture of temperature standard violations detected through the official milk quality testing program. Temperature standard violations reported to the department will become part of the producer's official record.
(5) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (2) of this section, recorder charts must be held at the dairy farm for ninety days and be made available to the director.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 15.36.020. WSR 99-18-032, § 16-125-210, filed 8/25/99, effective 9/25/99. Statutory Authority: Chapter 15.36 RCW. WSR 86-17-014 (Order 1902), § 16-125-210, filed 8/8/86.]
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