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Chapter 110-145 WAC

Last Update: 7/18/23


(Formerly: Chapter 388-145 WAC)

WAC Sections

HTMLPDF110-145-1300What is the purpose of this chapter?
HTMLPDF110-145-1305What definitions do I need to know to understand this chapter?
HTMLPDF110-145-1310Am I required to have a license to provide care to children?
HTMLPDF110-145-1315When will the department grant me a license?
HTMLPDF110-145-1320How old do I have to be to apply for a license to provide care to children?
HTMLPDF110-145-1325What is required to apply for a group care facility license?
HTMLPDF110-145-1330How does the department determine my suitability to become a licensed provider, or a staff member, intern, or volunteer of a licensed provider?
HTMLPDF110-145-1335What additional steps must I complete prior to licensing?
HTMLPDF110-145-1340How long do I have to complete the licensing application process?
HTMLPDF110-145-1345How long is my license valid?
HTMLPDF110-145-1350Who shall have access to my facility?
HTMLPDF110-145-1355Am I required to comply with local ordinances?
HTMLPDF110-145-1360What children may I serve in my group care program?
HTMLPDF110-145-1365How does the department decide which children will be placed in my care?
HTMLPDF110-145-1370Do I have to admit or retain all children?
HTMLPDF110-145-1375What happens when licensing requirements differ from contract requirements?
HTMLPDF110-145-1380May a group care facility be issued more than one type of license?
HTMLPDF110-145-1385When may I be certified to provide care to children?
HTMLPDF110-145-1390Will you license or continue to license me if I violate licensing regulations?
HTMLPDF110-145-1395Are there exceptions made if I do not meet the licensing regulations?
HTMLPDF110-145-1400Must prospective and current staff and volunteers be disqualified from having access to the children in my facility?
HTMLPDF110-145-1405What may I do if I disagree with your decision to modify, deny, suspend or revoke my license, or to disqualify my background check?
HTMLPDF110-145-1410How do I appeal the decision of the office of administrative hearings' administrative law judge?
HTMLPDF110-145-1415Can I be issued a probationary license?
HTMLPDF110-145-1420Who must I employ at my facility?
HTMLPDF110-145-1425What are the duties and qualifications of an executive director or administrator?
HTMLPDF110-145-1430What are the duties and qualifications of a program manager?
HTMLPDF110-145-1435What if my on-site program manager must be off-site temporarily when youth are present?
HTMLPDF110-145-1440What are the duties and qualifications of a case manager?
HTMLPDF110-145-1445What are the duties and qualifications of direct care staff?
HTMLPDF110-145-1450What are the duties and additional qualifications for crisis residential center direct care staff?
HTMLPDF110-145-1455If I have health care staff, what qualifications are required?
HTMLPDF110-145-1460What are the duties and qualifications for case management consultants?
HTMLPDF110-145-1465What additional supports do I need for my group care facility?
HTMLPDF110-145-1470Can one staff person have different responsibilities?
HTMLPDF110-145-1475What are the requirements for volunteers working directly with children and youth at my facility?
HTMLPDF110-145-1480What are the general ratios of staff to children under care?
HTMLPDF110-145-1485May I have more than one licensed program at my facility?
HTMLPDF110-145-1490What are the preservice training requirements for staff, interns, and volunteers who directly care for children?
HTMLPDF110-145-1495What is the in-service training requirement for staff and volunteers having responsibility to provide care to children?
HTMLPDF110-145-1500What first-aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training is required?
HTMLPDF110-145-1505What bloodborne pathogens training is required?
HTMLPDF110-145-1510What personnel records must I submit to the department?
HTMLPDF110-145-1515What are the requirements for information kept in facility shift logs for group care facilities?
HTMLPDF110-145-1520What are the requirements for children's records?
HTMLPDF110-145-1525How long should my facility keep the child records?
HTMLPDF110-145-1530What information can be shared about a child or a child's family?
HTMLPDF110-145-1535What incidents involving children must I report?
HTMLPDF110-145-1540What are my reporting responsibilities when a child is missing from care, except for overnight youth shelters?
HTMLPDF110-145-1545What are my reporting requirements in my licensed facility serving runaway or homeless youth?
HTMLPDF110-145-1550What changes must I report to my licensor?
HTMLPDF110-145-1555What does the department require for my buildings and property?
HTMLPDF110-145-1560What toilet and bathing facilities are required?
HTMLPDF110-145-1565What is the ratio of persons normally on the premises to bathrooms at my facility?
HTMLPDF110-145-1570What are the requirements for indoor recreation areas?
HTMLPDF110-145-1575What are the requirements for outdoor recreation areas?
HTMLPDF110-145-1580What are your requirements for storing dangerous chemicals or other substances?
HTMLPDF110-145-1585What are the requirements for water, garbage, and sewer?
HTMLPDF110-145-1590How must I keep children safe around bodies of water?
HTMLPDF110-145-1595Are there room requirements for a group care facility?
HTMLPDF110-145-1600What are the general requirements for bedrooms?
HTMLPDF110-145-1605What are the requirements for sharing bedrooms?
HTMLPDF110-145-1610What are the requirements for beds in a facility?
HTMLPDF110-145-1615What are the requirements for laundering and storage of clothing and linen?
HTMLPDF110-145-1620What are the requirements for diapers and diaper changing areas?
HTMLPDF110-145-1625What are the requirements for the use of electronic monitors to monitor children?
HTMLPDF110-145-1630Are time-delay mechanisms allowed on windows and doors?
HTMLPDF110-145-1635What are the requirements for the prevention of the spread of infections and communicable disease?
HTMLPDF110-145-1640Am I required to keep first-aid supplies?
HTMLPDF110-145-1645What are the requirements regarding pets and animals in my facility?
HTMLPDF110-145-1650Are alcoholic beverages, marijuana or illegal drugs allowed on a facility's property?
HTMLPDF110-145-1655Is smoking permitted around children?
HTMLPDF110-145-1660Are guns allowed on a licensed facility's property?
HTMLPDF110-145-1665What are the fire safety requirements for all group residential facilities?
HTMLPDF110-145-1670Do I need a written emergency plan?
HTMLPDF110-145-1675What requirements must be followed for smoke detectors?
HTMLPDF110-145-1680What requirements must be followed for carbon monoxide detectors?
HTMLPDF110-145-1685What are the requirements for fire drills?
HTMLPDF110-145-1690What are the requirements for fire extinguishers?
HTMLPDF110-145-1695Are there different construction and fire safety requirements for facilities that have multiple licenses in the same building?
HTMLPDF110-145-1700What must I include in a child's orientation to my facility?
HTMLPDF110-145-1705How does my agency meet the religious needs of children in care?
HTMLPDF110-145-1710What are the requirements about nondiscrimination?
HTMLPDF110-145-1715Are there additional considerations in service to Native American children?
HTMLPDF110-145-1720Do I need a social summary for children under my care (except for interim facilities)?
HTMLPDF110-145-1725When do I need a treatment plan for children in care and what must be included in the plan?
HTMLPDF110-145-1730What are the educational and vocational instruction requirements for children placed by the department, except interim facilities?
HTMLPDF110-145-1735What are the requirements for an activity program?
HTMLPDF110-145-1740Can children in my care receive services through the extended foster care program?
HTMLPDF110-145-1745What are the general well-being requirements for a group care program?
HTMLPDF110-145-1750What are the requirements for supervising children?
HTMLPDF110-145-1755What requirements must I follow when I transport children?
HTMLPDF110-145-1760What are the travel requirements for children in care?
HTMLPDF110-145-1765Can children be assigned work in a facility or work outside the facility?
HTMLPDF110-145-1770Can a child earn allowance while in care?
HTMLPDF110-145-1775What belongings must be provided to a child leaving my facility?
HTMLPDF110-145-1780Do I have responsibility for a child's personal hygiene?
HTMLPDF110-145-1785What are the requirements for privacy for children in out-of-home placements?
HTMLPDF110-145-1790What are the food and meal guideline requirements?
HTMLPDF110-145-1795How often do children need to be provided meals?
HTMLPDF110-145-1800What are the requirements for handling a child's special diet?
HTMLPDF110-145-1805Are there special requirements for serving milk?
HTMLPDF110-145-1810Are there special requirements for infants and young children?
HTMLPDF110-145-1815Are written policies and procedures required describing a facility's discipline methods?
HTMLPDF110-145-1820When may a child be restrained?
HTMLPDF110-145-1825What must I do following an incident that involved using physical restraint?
HTMLPDF110-145-1830Are there requirements for time-out or quiet rooms?
HTMLPDF110-145-1835Am I required to assess a child's need for immediate medical attention?
HTMLPDF110-145-1840When must I get an early and periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment (EPSDT) exam for a child?
HTMLPDF110-145-1845What are the requirements for obtaining consent for emergency and routine medical care?
HTMLPDF110-145-1850What requirements are there for the storage of medications?
HTMLPDF110-145-1855What are the general requirements for managing a child's medication?
HTMLPDF110-145-1860How do I manage a child's nonprescription medications?
HTMLPDF110-145-1865Can I give a child nonprescription medications with prescription medications?
HTMLPDF110-145-1870How do I dispose of medications?
HTMLPDF110-145-1875Can I accept medication from a child's parent or guardian?
HTMLPDF110-145-1880When may children take their own medicine?
HTMLPDF110-145-1885What are the immunization regulations?
Crises Residential Centers (CRC - Regular and Secure)
HTMLPDF110-145-1890What type of crisis residential center (CRC) facilities may be licensed?
HTMLPDF110-145-1895What hours must I be available to receive youth?
HTMLPDF110-145-1900What residents are admitted to a semi-secure CRC?
HTMLPDF110-145-1905What residents are admitted to a secure CRC?
HTMLPDF110-145-1910What are the ratio requirements of staff to youth in crisis residential centers?
HTMLPDF110-145-1915What are the requirements for secure CRCs?
HTMLPDF110-145-1920What are additional physical requirements for secure CRCs?
HTMLPDF110-145-1925May a juvenile detention center operate as a separate secure CRC program?
HTMLPDF110-145-1930What steps must be taken after a youth is admitted into any CRC?
HTMLPDF110-145-1935What additional steps must be taken after a youth is admitted into a secure CRC?
HTMLPDF110-145-1940How long may a youth stay in a CRC?
HTMLPDF110-145-1945What happens when no space exists in a secure CRC?
HTMLPDF110-145-1950How is a youth transferred from one type of CRC to another?
HTMLPDF110-145-1955What intervention services must I provide or arrange for at a CRC?
HTMLPDF110-145-1960What additional recordkeeping is required for all CRCs?
HTMLPDF110-145-1965What is the purpose of a CRC multidisciplinary team?
HTMLPDF110-145-1970When should I convene a CRC multidisciplinary team?
HTMLPDF110-145-1975How is a CRC multidisciplinary team convened?
HTMLPDF110-145-1980May a parent disband the CRC multidisciplinary team?
Day Treatment Programs
HTMLPDF110-145-1985Who is eligible to attend my day treatment program?
HTMLPDF110-145-1990What are the required ratios of staff to children in day treatment centers?
HTMLPDF110-145-1995What consultants must I use for my day treatment program?
Emergency Respite Centers (ERC - Crisis Nurseries)
HTMLPDF110-145-2000Can my emergency respite center have more than one type of license?
HTMLPDF110-145-2005What are the required ratios of staff to children in an ERC?
HTMLPDF110-145-2010Who are the residents served at my emergency respite center?
HTMLPDF110-145-2015Who may place children at my emergency respite center?
HTMLPDF110-145-2020What information must I obtain before accepting a child for care at my emergency respite center?
HTMLPDF110-145-2025May services I provide at my emergency respite center substitute for other types of care?
HTMLPDF110-145-2030Are there additional bed requirements at my emergency respite center?
Group Homes
HTMLPDF110-145-2035What are the required ratios of staff to children in group homes?
Group Receiving Centers (GRC)
HTMLPDF110-145-2040Who are the residents at my group receiving center?
HTMLPDF110-145-2045What are the required ratios of staff to children in group receiving centers?
HTMLPDF110-145-2050When do I accept placements at my group receiving center?
HTMLPDF110-145-2055What services must I provide at my group receiving center?
HTMLPDF110-145-2060What are the requirements for supervision of children at my group receiving center?
Programs for Medically Fragile Children
HTMLPDF110-145-2065What services must I provide for medically fragile children?
HTMLPDF110-145-2070What recordkeeping requirements exist for medically fragile children?
HTMLPDF110-145-2075What are additional food requirements if I care for medically fragile children?
Overnight Youth Shelters (OYS)
HTMLPDF110-145-2080What age groups may I serve in my overnight youth shelter?
HTMLPDF110-145-2085How are youth admitted to my overnight youth shelter?
HTMLPDF110-145-2090What are the required ratios of staff to children under care in overnight youth shelters?
HTMLPDF110-145-2095What steps must I take when a youth first enters an overnight youth shelter?
HTMLPDF110-145-2100What services must be offered at an overnight youth shelter?
HTMLPDF110-145-2105What are the additional requirements for bedrooms in overnight youth shelters?
HTMLPDF110-145-2110What are additional bedding requirements in my overnight youth shelter?
HTMLPDF110-145-2115Do I need a citizens' board for my overnight youth shelter?
Pregnant and Parenting Youth Programs and Maternity Services
HTMLPDF110-145-2120What services shall be provided to pregnant and parenting youth?
HTMLPDF110-145-2125How are services for pregnant and parenting youth delivered?
HTMLPDF110-145-2130What types of health education must a facility offer to pregnant and parenting mothers?
HTMLPDF110-145-2135How is capacity determined for a facility that provides services to pregnant and parenting youth?
HTMLPDF110-145-2140What are the required ratios of staff to children in pregnant and parenting youth programs and programs providing maternity services?
HTMLPDF110-145-2145What are the facility and room requirements for programs offering services for pregnant and parenting youth?
Resource and Assessment Centers (RAC)
HTMLPDF110-145-2150What is the purpose of a resource and assessment center (RAC)?
HTMLPDF110-145-2155What must I demonstrate to be licensed for an RAC?
HTMLPDF110-145-2160What is the ratio of direct care staff/volunteers to children at an RAC?
HTMLPDF110-145-2165Who are the residents at my RAC?
HTMLPDF110-145-2170How long can a child stay at an RAC?
HTMLPDF110-145-2175When am I required to be available for services?
HTMLPDF110-145-2180Who may place children at an RAC?
HTMLPDF110-145-2185What services are provided or arranged for at an RAC?
Staffed Residential Homes (SRH)
HTMLPDF110-145-2190How many children may be served in my staffed residential home?
HTMLPDF110-145-2195What are the required ratios of staff to children under care in an SRH?
HTMLPDF110-145-2200Who is eligible to manage my staffed residential home?
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