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PDFWAC 504-15-600

Parking for individuals with disability.

(1) The provisions of this chapter cover disability parking and the payment of fees and fines associated with parking for individuals with disability.
(2) For the purpose of this chapter, individuals with disability refer to individuals with disability who qualify for a state-issued individual with disabilities parking identification and permit as provided in chapter 308-96B WAC.
(3) The university uses the state individual with disabilities parking permit system to determine eligibility for disability parking.
(4) Unless otherwise authorized, parking in spaces designated for individuals with disability requires a WSU disability permit to park on campus.
(5) Individuals with a WSU disability permit may park in an individuals with disability parking space and any other, nonrestricted permit space within a parking permit zone.
(6) Individuals with a WSU disability permit may not park in restricted spaces with the exception of individuals with disability parking spaces.
(7) Unless otherwise posted, any university parking permit to include a WSU disability permit is not valid in lieu of payment of regular posted fees in pay parking facilities.
(8) A state-issued individual with disabilities license plate, placard, or permit is valid in lieu of a WSU disability permit in parking zones during times when a university permit is not required.
(9) The university intends to retain control of access to the pedestrian malls on campus. For that reason a WSU disability permit is required in lieu of a state-issued individual with disabilities license plate, placard, or permit as authorization to use a pedestrian mall to access marked individuals with disability parking spaces within the confines of a pedestrian mall.
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