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PDFWAC 504-15-560

Other parking permitsAvailability and use.

(1) Visitor permits. For information about visitor parking, refer to the parking department's website.
(2) Golden cougar permits. Golden cougar permits are special permits that are issued to retired or emeritus staff for their sole use in recognition of their service without additional cost. They are issued on an annual basis and are valid in designated areas that are approved by the parking department. Staff who are employed by the university or by other entities located on campus after formal retirement are not eligible to use a golden cougar permit in lieu of a regular paid zone permit.
(3) Event permits. Event permits are available to patrons who participate in events held on the university campus. They are available on a daily basis only. Event permits are assigned to specific zones on a space-available basis. Event permits are not valid in restricted spaces.
(4) "M" permits. Motorcycle and moped permits are valid within boundaries of areas specifically posted and/or marked for "M" permits. "M" permits are available on an annual and daily basis.
(5) Commercial permits. Commercial permits are issued to vendors, suppliers, and service representatives of outside companies performing a service for the university. Commercial permits are available on an annual or daily basis. Annual commercial permits are valid in service zones, parking meters, and green, yellow, red, and blue zones. Daily commercial permits may be assigned to specific zones on a space-available basis. Commercial permits are not valid in orange zones or pay parking facilities.
(6) Housing permits. A housing permit is issued to eligible residents of university-owned housing. Housing permits are valid only in specific housing parking areas.
(7) Carpool. Upon application, a bona fide carpool as defined by the campus policies and procedures is given preference in the assignment of parking zones, and issued a permit that facilitates the carpool. Obtaining or using a carpool permit under false pretenses constitutes the illegal use of a permit.
(8) Departmental permits. Departmental parking permits are available for use by department employees who need to use their personal vehicles for university business. Departmental permits are available in different forms and are valid at parking meters; service zones; orange, green, yellow, red, blue, crimson, and gray permit zones; and pay parking facilities. Departmental permits are not valid in reserved spaces. The use of departmental permits for anything other than official departmental business is prohibited by the State Ethics Act.
(9) College hill permits. College hill permits are valid in designated parking areas that are approved by the parking department.
(10) Night parking permits. Night parking permits are permits issued to designated WSU employees approved by the parking department that allow the approved employees to park during specific hours in designated areas.
(11) Exempt permits. Exempt permits are issued to departments and entities located on campus for university owned vehicles and other publicly owned vehicles. All other publicly owned vehicles owned by entities not located on or regularly doing business on campus must display a valid permit to park on campus. Police, fire, and emergency vehicles are not required to display a permit on campus.
(12) Media permits. Media permits are issued to media organizations that need to cover news on the WSU Pullman campus. Media permits are valid in green, yellow, red, and blue zones, and meters for the maximum time listed on the meter. Media employees who are also WSU students, faculty, or staff may use the media permit only to cover news stories. Media permits may not be used for personal use, attending class, other day-to-day services that fall within normal job duties. Any attempt by WSU students, faculty, or staff to use a media permit in lieu of a WSU permit may result in a fine for illegal use of a parking permit and/or recall of the media permit by the parking department.
(13) WSU permits. WSU permits are valid in orange, green, yellow, red, and blue zones, hourly parking facilities, and parking meters.
(14) Day permits. Day permits are sold on a daily basis and are valid in green, yellow, red, and blue zones.
(15) Reserved permits. Reserved permits are valid in a designated reserved lot or space.
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