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PDFWAC 458-20-214

Cooperative marketing associations and independent dealers acting as agents of others with respect to the sale of fruit and produce.

(1) Persons engaged in the business of buying and selling fruit or produce, as agents of others, are taxable under the provisions of the business and occupation tax and the retail sales tax as provided in this section. Tax is due on the business activities of such persons, irrespective of whether the business is conducted as a cooperative marketing association or as an independent produce agent.
(2) Persons who derive income from receiving, washing, sorting, packing, or otherwise preparing for sale, perishable horticultural products for others are also subject to business and occupation tax, except when such activities are performed for the growers of such products (RCW 82.04.4287.)
(3) Business and occupation tax.
(a) Retailing. Taxable with respect to the sale of ladders, picking bags, and similar equipment to consumers.
(b) Wholesaling. Taxable with respect to:
(i) The sale of boxes, nails, labels and similar supplies sold to growers for their use in packing fruit and produce for sale;
(ii) The sale of insecticides used as spray for fruits and produce;
(c) Warehousing. Taxable with respect to gross income from cold storage warehousing, but not including the rental of cold storage lockers. See also WAC 458-20-182.
(d) Service and other business activities. Taxable with respect to:
(i) Commissions for buying or selling;
(ii) Charges made for interest, no deduction being allowed for interest paid;
(iii) Charges for handling;
(iv) Charges for receiving, washing, sorting, and packing of fresh perishable horticultural products and the material and supplies used therein, when performed for persons other than the growers thereof;
(v) Rentals of cold storage lockers; and
(vi) Other miscellaneous charges, including analysis fees, but excepting actual charges made for foreign brokerage and bona fide charges for receiving, washing, sorting and packing fresh perishable horticultural crops and the materials and supplies used therein when performed for the grower, either as agent or independent contractor.
(4) Where a seller performs packing services for the grower and furnishes the materials and supplies used therein, the amount of the charge therefor is deductible, even though the boxes and other packing material are loaned or charged to the grower prior to the time the fruit or produce is received for packing, provided that the boxes and packing materials are returned by the grower to the seller for use in packing fruit and produce for the grower.
(5) Retail sales tax.
(a) The retail sales tax applies to sales of ladders, picking bags, and other equipment sold to consumers, whether sold by associations to members, or by agents to their principals.
(b) Retail sales tax does not apply to sales of materials and supplies directly used by cooperative marketing associations, agents, or independent contractors for the purpose of packing fresh perishable horticultural products for the growers thereof. "Growers" are those persons described as exempt orchardists or farmers under RCW 82.04.330.
(c) Sales of food products are not subject to retail sales tax. See WAC 458-20-244.
(6) Use tax.
(a) The use tax applies upon the use by consumers of any article of tangible personal property which is subject to retail sales tax as noted above, but upon which retail sales tax has not been paid for any reason.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 82.32.300. WSR 88-20-014 (Order 88-6), § 458-20-214, filed 9/27/88; WSR 83-08-026 (Order ET 83-1), § 458-20-214, filed 3/30/83. Statutory Authority: RCW 82.01.060(2) and 82.32.300. WSR 78-07-045 (Order ET 78-4), § 458-20-214, filed 6/27/78; Order ET 70-3, § 458-20-214 (Rule 214), filed 5/29/70, effective 7/1/70.]
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