Chapter 458-16 WAC

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458-16-080Improvements to single family dwellings—Definitions—Exemption—Limitation—Appeal rights.
458-16-100Property tax exemptions, generally, rules of construction.
458-16-1000Property belonging to federally recognized Indian tribes—Definitions—Exemption—Declaration process—Appeal rights.
458-16-110Applications—Who must file, initial applications, annual declarations, appeals, filing fees, penalties, and refunds.
458-16-115Personal property exemptions for household goods, furnishings, and personal effects, and for the head of a family.
458-16-130Change in taxable status of real property.
458-16-150Cessation of use—Taxes collectible for prior years.
458-16-165Conditions under which nonprofit organizations, associations, or corporations may obtain a property tax exemption.
458-16-180Public burying grounds or cemeteries.
458-16-190Churches, parsonages and convents.
458-16-200Land upon which a church or parsonage shall be built.
458-16-210Nonprofit organizations or associations organized and conducted for nonsectarian purposes.
458-16-215Nonprofit organizations that solicit, collect, and distribute gifts, donations, or grants.
458-16-220Church camps.
458-16-230Character building organizations.
458-16-240Veterans organizations.
458-16-245Student loan agencies.
458-16-260Nonprofit child day care centers, libraries, orphanages, homes for sick or infirm, hospitals, outpatient dialysis facilities.
458-16-266Homeownership development.
458-16-270Schools and colleges.
458-16-280Art, scientific, and historical collections.
458-16-282Musical, dance, artistic, dramatic and literary associations.
458-16-284Fire companies.
458-16-286Humane societies.
458-16-290Nature conservancy lands.
458-16-300Public meeting hall—Public meeting place—Community meeting hall.
458-16-310Community celebration facilities.
458-16-320Emergency or transitional housing.
458-16-330Sheltered workshops for the handicapped.
458-16-560Housing for very low-income households.
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