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PDFWAC 458-12-160

Listing of property—Public land—Conveyances.

All property coming into the exclusive ownership of any public-exempt body shall be exempt from further taxation and shall be removed from the assessment and taxation rolls.
All property coming into the exclusive possession of any governmental unit as trust property for bond holders shall be exempt from taxation only if a specific exemption can be found for it. (Spokane v. Spokane County, 169 Wash. 355 (1932))
All real property now in the ownership of any public-exempt body which is being sold to some nonexempt vendee under an arrangement where possession is given to the vendee and title remains in the vendor shall be governed by RCW 84.40.230; WAC 458-12-045.
In all other situations where either real or personal property is sold by any public-exempt body to a nonexempt vendee, such property (only the actual property itself is exempt, not the vendee's possessory interest in it) shall become subject to taxation on the January 1 following the time title passes.
[Order PT 68-6, § 458-12-160, filed 4/29/68.]
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