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PDFWAC 458-02-200

Business licensing service—Applications, licenses, renewals—Fees—Posting.

(1) Introduction. Information about the individual licenses that may be obtained from the business licensing service (BLS) of the department of revenue (the department) is available online at:
(2) What fee do I need to pay when applying for or renewing a license? The fee payable is the total amount of all individual license fees, late filing fees, other penalty fees, and handling fees, and may include additional fees charged to cover credit or debit card processing. Licensing fees vary depending on the license(s) for which you are applying or renewing.
(3) What does the department do with the fees? The department will distribute the fees received for individual licenses to the respective regulatory agencies. The handling fees support the operation of the BLS.
(4) When do I get my business license? The business license will not be issued until the total fee payable is collected and all required information has been submitted. Some individual licenses require review and approval by the regulating authorities, and the business license will not be issued until the regulating authorities have approved them.
(5) Can I get a refund? The business license application and renewal handling fees collected under RCW 19.02.075 are not refundable. When a license is denied or when an applicant withdraws an application, a refund of any other refundable portion of the total payment will be made in accordance with the applicable licensing laws.
(6) What are the handling fees? The business license application handling fee amounts are:
Type of handling fee:
Fee amount:
Business license application filing
Business renewal application filing
(7) What should I do with my business license? The business license must be displayed in a conspicuous place at the business location for which the license is issued.
(8) Do I need to renew my business license?
(a) The various licenses displayed on the business license may each have a requirement to be renewed periodically. The department will prorate the individual license issuance fees as appropriate so that all requested licenses are renewed at the same time.
(b) Licenses requiring renewal must be renewed by the expiration date or the department will assess a delinquency fee. The regulatory agencies may also assess delinquency fees and/or penalties for late renewal, and may cancel the individual licenses for nonrenewal. Reissuance of individual licenses canceled for nonrenewal may require the filing of a new business license application.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 82.32.300 and 82.01.060(2). WSR 14-08-010, § 458-02-200, filed 3/20/14, effective 4/20/14.]
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