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PDFWAC 434-324-045

Verification of applicant's identity.

(1) If the applicant is provisionally registered pursuant to WAC 434-324-040(5), the county auditor may use other government resources and public records to confirm the applicant's driver's license or state identification card number or the last four digits of the applicant's Social Security number. The county auditor may also attempt to contact the applicant by phone, email or other means to obtain identification information.
(2) If, after these attempts, the county auditor is still unable to verify the applicant's identity, the county auditor must send the applicant an identification notice at the time of registration that includes a postage prepaid, preaddressed form by which the applicant may verify or send information. The identification notice must include:
(a) A statement explaining that because the applicant's identity cannot be verified with the information provided on the application, he or she is provisionally registered to vote.
(b) A statement explaining that if this information is not provided, the applicant's ballot will not be counted.
(c) A statement explaining that federal law requires the applicant to provide his or her driver's license number, state identification card number or the last four digits of his or her Social Security number, or a copy of one of the following forms of identification, either before or when he or she votes:
(i) Valid photo identification;
(ii) A valid enrollment card of a federally recognized tribe in Washington;
(iii) A current utility bill, or a current bank statement;
(iv) A current government check;
(v) A current paycheck; or
(vi) A government document, other than a voter registration card, that shows both the registrant's name and current address.
(3) If the applicant responds with updated driver's license, state ID card, or Social Security information, or with a copy of one of the alternative forms of identification, the flag on the voter registration record must be removed, allowing the applicant's ballot to otherwise be counted the first time he or she votes after registering.
(4) If the applicant fails to respond with adequate documentation to verify his or her identity, the applicant's voter registration record must remain flagged. The applicant must be notified at the time of each election that the ballot will not be counted unless he or she provides adequate verification of identity.
(5) A provisional registration must remain on the official list of registered voters for at least two general elections for federal office. If, after two general elections for federal office, the voter still has not verified his or her identity, the provisional registration shall be canceled.
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