Chapter 434-324 WAC

Last Update: 6/5/19


(Formerly chapter 434-24 WAC)

WAC Sections

434-324-008Review of county election management systems.
434-324-010County election management system—Applications for voter registration.
434-324-020County codes.
434-324-026Voter registration form.
434-324-028Date of application.
434-324-031Electronic voter registration.
434-324-034Confidentiality of protected records voter information.
434-324-036County-to-county transfers.
434-324-040Data transfer to secretary and registration status.
434-324-045Verification of applicant's identity.
434-324-055Duplicate voter registration search conducted by secretary.
434-324-076Voter registration updates.
434-324-085Acknowledgment notice.
434-324-087Confirmation notice.
434-324-090Cancellation due to death—Process.
434-324-095Cancellation due to death—Forms.
434-324-103Verification notices.
434-324-106Felony screening process.
434-324-108Incapacitated persons lacking voting rights—Notice from court.
434-324-111Voluntary cancellation of voter registration.
434-324-113Lacking the qualifications necessary to vote.
434-324-115Challenge of voter's registration.
434-324-118Data auditing of county voter election management system with the official statewide voter registration database.
434-324-125Voter registration database manual.
434-324-130Lists of registered voters for the public.
434-324-140Requests for list of registered voters.
434-324-150Retaining voter registration records.
434-324-165Disaster recovery and security plans.
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