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PDFWAC 434-112-080

Immediate and expedited serviceSpecial fees.

(1) Immediate service is available at the division's front counter for an immediate service fee of fifty dollars for single or multiple transactions on paper within each new or existing division program filing. In addition, the filing fee for each transaction applies.
(2) There is no immediate service fee for records dropped off in-person for processing with nonexpedited records received that day.
(3) Expedited service requests for filing paper records received by mail, will be completed within two working days of submission for an expedited service fee of fifty dollars. If a request is made for immediate service on an expedited record, an immediate service fee may be assessed.
(4) Nonexpedited service requests for filing paper records received by mail are processed within fifteen business days. If a request is made for expedite or immediate service, the applicable fee may be assessed.
(5) If an online record is subsequently requested to be filed immediately, an additional immediate service fee may be required.
(6) The filing party may indicate expedited service is requested on mailed records by placing the word "expedite" in bold letters on either the envelope, the face of the record to be filed, or on any cover letter submitted with the record.
(7) Customers who resubmit rejected records that were expedited the first time they were submitted, may be charged an additional expedite fee upon resubmission.
(8) Emergency services outside regular business hours requiring employee overtime are one hundred fifty dollars per hour plus transaction fees due on any filing. When the division receives a request for emergency services, staff will notify the customer of the service fee and any other reasonable conditions set by the director. The customer must agree to pay the fees or have received a fee waiver before emergency services are provided.
(9) A customer may make alternate arrangements with the director prior to bringing or sending in records, if a sudden, unexpected situation occurs during the business day.
(10) A customer may submit a written request to waive emergency, expedited, or penalty fees, which must include the special circumstances justifying the fee waiver. The director or deputy director will make the determination to waive fees or not.
(11) Immediate, online, or expedited service fees may not be refundable.
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