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PDFWAC 415-112-290

May I purchase Plan 1 service credit for out-of-state teaching?

(1) As a Plan 1 member, you may establish service credit for teaching out-of-state, which includes teaching out of the country, only if:
(a) You were on an official leave of absence granted by your employer when you provided the service; and
(b) You returned to public school service in Washington state.
(2) To establish such service credit, you must submit the following to the department within the time limits set in RCW 41.32.310:
(a) Proof of your out-of-state service;
(b) Proof of your official leave of absence; and
(c) Payment of contributions.
(3) You may establish a maximum of four years of service credit for teaching out-of-state. Except that, you may not qualify for retirement by counting more years of service credit for out-of-state teaching than for Washington state service, unless you established the out-of-state service credit prior to July 2, 1947.
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