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PDFWAC 415-104-305


As used in WAC 415-104-299 through 415-104-405:
(1) "Salary or wages" means payments for services rendered by a law enforcement officer or firefighter to an employer. Payments which are not for services rendered to an employer are not a salary or wage and do not qualify as basic salary.
(2) "Longevity pay" means a payment in addition to the basic monthly rate of pay that is:
(a) Based solely upon the length of employment with the employer; and
(b) Paid to all law enforcement officers or firefighters who have served for the same length of time with the employer.
(3) "Position" means the employment held at any particular time. The employment held is defined by the duties required of the employee as a condition of employment.
An employer employs two police officers, one who has a high school diploma and one who has a college degree. Although both officers have the same duties, the employer designates the first officer as an "officer 1" and the second officer as an "officer 2." The distinction between the two levels is conditioned upon different levels of education. The second officer is paid at a higher rate. For purposes of determining basic salary, both officers occupy the same position because both have the same duties. The difference in their two rates of pay is an education premium which does not qualify as basic salary, see WAC 415-104-3302.
(4) "Attached to a position" means a payment conditioned on specific duties required of the person holding the position.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.50.050 and 41.50.055. WSR 97-01-016, ยง 415-104-305, filed 12/6/96, effective 1/6/97.]
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