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PDFWAC 392-157-170

Proposal evaluation criteria.

The proposals from all sponsors and potential sponsors will be evaluated by a committee established pursuant to WAC 392-157-140 and ranked based on the following criteria which are listed in descending order of importance:
(1) A program will be made available where there was no program before.
(2) The increased participation that is projected because of the proposed purchase or project.
(3) Time frame in which a program will be started or expanded and/or how quickly the improvements can be made as the result of the purchase or project.
(4) The availability of other sources of money for the proposed purchase or project.
(5) Necessary assurances provided by the sponsor for the continuation of the program after the purchases are made or the project is completed.
(6) The amount of grant money available.
(7) The geographic dispersion of the grantees.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.235.100. WSR 94-04-097 (Order 94-02), ยง 392-157-170, filed 2/1/94, effective 3/4/94.]
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