Chapter 365-220 WAC

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365-220-005What is the purpose and scope of this chapter?
365-220-010How may a member of the public appear before the governing board?
365-220-015What definitions apply to this chapter?
365-220-020Who authorizes disbursements?
365-220-025What types of disbursements are allowed?
365-220-030Who may request disbursements on behalf of the beneficiary?
365-220-035When may disbursements be requested?
365-220-040What happens to an account when the beneficiary dies?
365-220-045Can the disposition plan be changed?
365-220-050What decisions may be appealed?
365-220-055What is the dispute process?
365-220-060Who is eligible to be a beneficiary in the trust fund?
365-220-065How is eligibility determined?
365-220-070What happens if a beneficiary moves out of the state of Washington?
365-220-075What happens if a beneficiary is determined to no longer meet the Washington state definition of developmental disability in RCW 71A.10.020(3)?
365-220-080What fees must be paid to enroll in and participate in the trust fund?
365-220-085Is it possible to be placed on the list for state matching funds, and delay payment of the enrollment fees?
365-220-090Are fees refundable?
365-220-095What happens when fees are past due?
365-220-100When and how may individual accounts be transferred?
365-220-105Are there any guarantees related to the availability of matching money or earnings on investments?
365-220-110Who establishes matching policies?
365-220-115How will access to state matching money be determined?
365-220-120How does an individual trust account initially qualify to receive state matching money?
365-220-125How does an individual trust account maintain qualification for state matching money?
365-220-130What happens when an individual trust account becomes inactive?
365-220-135Are there time limits for earning the match?
365-220-140Are extensions allowed?
365-220-145What is the matching rate on contributions?
365-220-150What is the amount of maximum annual contributions eligible for state matching money?
365-220-155What is the amount of maximum lifetime contributions eligible for state matching money?
365-220-160Is there a limit on individual savings?
365-220-165May donors make lump sum contributions?
365-220-170How many individual trust accounts for each beneficiary are eligible to receive state matching money?
365-220-175For beneficiaries with multiple individual trust accounts, how is it determined which individual trust account is eligible for state matching money?
365-220-180In what proportion are state matching funds spent?
365-220-185What is the enrollment match?
365-220-190What is the annual management fee match?
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