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PDFWAC 365-198-050

Terms and conditions for counties.

(1) Counties that choose to use this chapter as an alternative to an interlocal agreement must adopt the following terms and conditions by reference to this chapter in an ordinance or resolution:
(a) The county has adopted policies, regulations and administrative procedures to implement the regional transfer of development rights program, including but not limited to:
(i) Facilitating and promoting the qualification and certification of transferable development rights to eligible property owners for the sale of their transferable development rights from properties in the county's designated sending areas consistent with RCW 43.362.040;
(ii) Establishing procedures to facilitate the sale of transferable development rights or development rights credits; and
(iii) Establishing procedures to require, maintain, and enforce deed restrictions on a sending site from which transferable development rights or development rights credits are purchased in order to prohibit those sites from being developed in violation of deed restrictions.
(b) The county shall notify receiving cities and towns by December 31 of each year the number of available development rights credits remaining in designated sending areas.
(i) If the city or town, in consultation with the transferring county, has identified the sending area or areas from which it has agreed to accept transferable development rights the notification shall indicate the number of credits remaining in that sending area for the respective city or town.
(ii) If the county administers a transfer of development rights bank, annual notification of transactions shall be provided.
(2) Optional terms that a county may adopt by reference to this chapter in an ordinance or resolution:
(a) The county shall establish and operate a transfer of development rights bank to purchase, sell, and hold development rights.
(b) The county shall facilitate private transferable development rights transactions between willing sellers and buyers.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.362.050. WSR 10-18-066, ยง 365-198-050, filed 8/30/10, effective 9/30/10.]
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