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PDFWAC 352-16-010

Naming and classification of state park areas—Commission action.

(1) All areas dedicated for public park purposes, excluding separately located administrative areas, and under the ownership and/or management of the Washington state parks and recreation commission, shall be defined as state park areas.
(2) The official name of any state park area shall generally include in it the term "state park."
(3) The official naming of any state park area shall be the function of the commission: Provided, That the commission may not change any name established by the legislature, including specified conservation areas, seashore conservation areas and other recreation and open space areas.
(4) The official land classification, or reclassification, of any state park area, pursuant to WAC 352-16-020, shall be the function of the commission: Provided, That the director shall have authority to manage, on an interim basis, state park areas in accordance with any appropriate land classification prior to final commission action.
(5) Any named or unnamed state park area may have one or more land classifications within its boundary.
(6) Land classifications defined in this chapter shall apply throughout Title 352 WAC.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.51.040(1), [43.51.]045, [43.51.]050, [43.51.]060(1), [43.51.]061 and [43.51.]395. WSR 96-01-078, § 352-16-010, filed 12/18/95, effective 1/18/96; Order 7, § 352-16-010, filed 4/1/70.]
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