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WAC 344-18-055

Timing of the SEPA process.

(1) Distribution to planning commissions and advisory bodies. Environmental documents required to be submitted to the department of ecology under provisions of WAC 197-11-508 will also be submitted to affected planning commissions and similar advisory bodies within the respective time frames as established by these rules and chapter 197-11 WAC.
(2) Timing of review of proposals. Environmental review will be made upon receipt of a completed license application and environmental checklist.
(3) Additional timing considerations.
(a) Department staff receiving a license application will determine whether the proposal is an "action" and if so, whether it is "categorically exempt" from SEPA. If the proposal is an action and is not exempt, the staff person will ask the applicant to complete an environmental checklist. A checklist is not needed if the department and applicant agree an EIS is required, SEPA compliance has been completed, SEPA compliance has been initiated by another agency, or a checklist is included with the application.
(b) If an action is a decision on a license which requires detailed project plans and specifications, the department shall provide, upon request by the applicant, preliminary environmental review prior to submittal of detailed plans and specifications. This preliminary review will be advisory only and not binding on the department. Final review and determination will be made only upon receipt of detailed project plans and specifications if these are essential to a meaningful environmental analysis.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21C.120. WSR 85-03-016 (Order 5, Resolution No. 9), ยง 344-18-055, filed 1/7/85.]
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