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WAC 344-18-040

Additional definitions.

In addition to the definitions contained in WAC 197-11-700 through 197-11-799, the following terms shall have the listed meanings:
(1) Commissioner means the commissioner of public lands who is the administrator of the department of natural resources as established by chapter 43.30 RCW.
(2) Committee means the oil and gas conservation committee.
(3) Department means the Washington state department of natural resources, acting solely as the designated agent of the committee, subject to the direction and control of the committee. All functions carried out under these rules by the department shall be considered those of the committee. Such functions may be directly performed by the committee.
(4) Environmental coordinator means the person who coordinates SEPA compliance procedures for the department and the committee.
(5) Supervisor means the state oil and gas supervisor who is designated by the department and is charged with duties as may be delegated by the department.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21C.120. WSR 85-03-016 (Order 5, Resolution No. 9), ยง 344-18-040, filed 1/7/85.]
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