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PDFWAC 332-30-127

Unauthorized use and occupancy of aquatic lands (see RCW 79.105.200 and 79.125.200).

(1) Aquatic lands determined to be state-owned, but occupied for private use through accident or without prior approval, may be leased if found to be in the public interest.
(2) Upon discovery of an unauthorized use of aquatic land, the responsible party will be immediately notified of his status. If the use will not be authorized, he will be served notice in writing requiring him to vacate the premises within thirty days. If the law and department policy will permit the use, the occupant is to be encouraged to lease the premises.
(3) The trespassing party occupying aquatic lands without authority will be assessed a monthly use and occupancy fee for such use beginning at the time notification of state ownership is first provided to them and continuing until they have vacated the premises or arranged for a right to occupy through execution of a lease as provided by law.
(4) The use and occupancy fee is sixty percent higher than full fair market rental and is intended to encourage either normal leasing or vacation of aquatic land.
(5) In those limited circumstances when a use cannot be authorized by a lease even though it may be in the public interest to permit the structure or activity, the fair market rental will be charged and billed on an annual basis.
(6) The use and occupancy billing is to be made after the use has occurred and conveys no rights in advance. Payment is due by the tenth of the month following the original notification, and if not received, a notice is to be sent. If payment is not received within thirty days of this notice and monthly thereafter by the tenth of each month during the period of the use and occupancy lease or if the improvement has not been removed from the aquatic land, an unlawful detainer action against the party in trespass will be filed along with an action to collect past due rental.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.105.360. WSR 06-06-005 (Order 724), § 332-30-127, filed 2/16/06, effective 3/19/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.30.150. WSR 80-09-005 (Order 343), § 332-30-127, filed 7/3/80.]
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