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PDFWAC 332-17-300

Proper completion and abandonment.

Completion and abandonment of any well or wells shall be conditioned upon implementation of adequate procedures to protect the environmental and esthetic qualities of the drill site, access roads, and other areas that were disturbed as a result of drilling or related operations.
(1) Completion. For the purposes of the Geothermal Resources Act and these rules and regulations, a well will be considered as properly completed when drilling has been completed and a production head has been installed on the well pending actual utilization in the production of geothermal resources as defined in this act. Suspension of a well after completion and prior to actual production shall not exceed six months duration unless approved in writing by the department.
(2) Abandonment. A well shall be properly abandoned for the purposes of this act when:
(a) Drilling, redrilling, or deepening operations have ceased; or geothermal resources cannot be produced from the well; or the well no longer commercially produces geothermal resources; and proper cement plugs have been placed by the owner or operator and approved by the department; and
(b) The owner or operator has taken all appropriate steps to protect surface and groundwaters and prevent the escape of deleterious substances to the surface.
(3) Site restoration. Cellars, pads, structures, and other facilities shall be removed. All drilling supplies and scrap shall be removed. The surface shall be graded and revegetated as appropriate to the immediate area or as otherwise specified by the department.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.76.050(2). WSR 79-02-001 (Order), ยง 332-17-300, filed 1/4/79.]
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