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Chapter 314-55 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF314-55-005What is the purpose of this chapter?
HTMLPDF314-55-013Voluntary cannabis licensee consultation and education program.
HTMLPDF314-55-015General information about marijuana licenses.
HTMLPDF314-55-017Conditional sales prohibited.
HTMLPDF314-55-018Prohibited practicesMoney advancesContractsGiftsRebates, discounts, and exceptions, etc.
HTMLPDF314-55-020Marijuana license qualifications and application processLicensing change requests.
HTMLPDF314-55-035Qualifying for a cannabis license.
HTMLPDF314-55-040Cannabis applicant or licensee background checks.
HTMLPDF314-55-045What marijuana law or rule violation history might prevent an applicant from receiving a marijuana license?
HTMLPDF314-55-050Reasons the WSLCB may seek denial, suspension, or cancellation of a marijuana license application or license.
HTMLPDF314-55-055Marijuana retailer license forfeiture.
HTMLPDF314-55-070Process if the WSLCB denies a marijuana license application.
HTMLPDF314-55-073Cannabis research license.
HTMLPDF314-55-075Cannabis producer licensePrivileges, requirements, and fees.
HTMLPDF314-55-077Cannabis processor licensePrivileges, requirements, and fees.
HTMLPDF314-55-079Marijuana retailer licensePrivileges, requirements, and fees.
HTMLPDF314-55-080Medical cannabis endorsement.
HTMLPDF314-55-082Insurance requirements.
HTMLPDF314-55-083Security and traceability requirements for cannabis licensees.
HTMLPDF314-55-084Cannabis plant production.
HTMLPDF314-55-085What are the transportation requirements for a cannabis licensee?
HTMLPDF314-55-086Mandatory signage.
HTMLPDF314-55-087Recordkeeping requirements for cannabis licensees.
HTMLPDF314-55-089Tax and reporting requirements for cannabis licensees.
HTMLPDF314-55-092Failure to pay excise taxes and late payment of excise taxes.
HTMLPDF314-55-095Cannabis servings and transaction limitations.
HTMLPDF314-55-096Vendor, educational, and internal quality control samples.
HTMLPDF314-55-097Cannabis waste disposalLiquids and solids.
HTMLPDF314-55-099Standardized scales.
HTMLPDF314-55-0995Laboratory certification and accreditation requirements.
HTMLPDF314-55-101Quality control sampling.
HTMLPDF314-55-102Quality assurance and quality control.
HTMLPDF314-55-1025Proficiency testing.
HTMLPDF314-55-103Good laboratory practice checklist.
HTMLPDF314-55-1035Laboratory certificationSuspension and revocation.
HTMLPDF314-55-104Cannabis processor license extraction requirements.
HTMLPDF314-55-105Cannabis product packaging and labeling.
HTMLPDF314-55-1055Ingredient disclosure.
HTMLPDF314-55-106Cannabis warning symbol requirement.
HTMLPDF314-55-107Cannabis product compliance.
HTMLPDF314-55-108Pesticide action levels.
HTMLPDF314-55-109Cannabinoid additivesRequirements, restrictions, and quality assurance testing.
HTMLPDF314-55-110What are my responsibilities as a marijuana licensee?
HTMLPDF314-55-115What method of payment can a cannabis licensee use to purchase cannabis?
HTMLPDF314-55-117Use of payment services by retailers.
HTMLPDF314-55-120Ownership changes.
HTMLPDF314-55-125Change of location.
HTMLPDF314-55-130Change of business name.
HTMLPDF314-55-135Discontinue cannabis sales.
HTMLPDF314-55-140Death or incapacity of a cannabis licensee.
HTMLPDF314-55-145Are cannabis license fees refundable?
HTMLPDF314-55-147What hours may a cannabis retailer licensee conduct sales?
HTMLPDF314-55-150What are the forms of acceptable identification?
HTMLPDF314-55-155Advertising requirements and promotional itemsCoupons, giveaways, etc.
HTMLPDF314-55-160Objections to cannabis license applications.
HTMLPDF314-55-165Objections to cannabis license renewals.
HTMLPDF314-55-185WSLCB right to inspect premises or vehicles associated with a license to produce, process, sell, research, or transport cannabis.
HTMLPDF314-55-200How will the WSLCB identify cannabis, useable cannabis, cannabis concentrates, and cannabis-infused products during checks of licensed businesses?
HTMLPDF314-55-210Will the WSLCB seize or confiscate cannabis, cannabis concentrates, useable cannabis, and cannabis-infused products?
HTMLPDF314-55-220What is the process once the WSLCB summarily orders cannabis, useable cannabis, cannabis concentrates, or cannabis-infused products of a cannabis licensee to be destroyed?
HTMLPDF314-55-225Cannabis recalls.
HTMLPDF314-55-230What are the procedures the WSLCB will use to destroy or donate cannabis, useable cannabis, cannabis concentrates, and cannabis-infused products to law enforcement?
HTMLPDF314-55-310Transportation license.
HTMLPDF314-55-415What are the recordkeeping and reporting requirements for cooperatives?
HTMLPDF314-55-417Sales of immature plants or clones and seeds from licensed producers to members of cooperatives, qualifying patients, and designated providers.
HTMLPDF314-55-430Qualifying patient or designated provider extraction requirements.
HTMLPDF314-55-502Notice of correction.
HTMLPDF314-55-505Administrative violation notice.
HTMLPDF314-55-5055Resolution options.
HTMLPDF314-55-506Summary license suspension.
HTMLPDF314-55-507Petition for stay.
HTMLPDF314-55-508Review of orders on stay.
HTMLPDF314-55-509Penalty structure.
HTMLPDF314-55-520Category I.
HTMLPDF314-55-521Category II.
HTMLPDF314-55-522Category III.
HTMLPDF314-55-523Category IV.
HTMLPDF314-55-524Category V.
HTMLPDF314-55-525Category VI.
HTMLPDF314-55-540Cannabis license suspensions.
HTMLPDF314-55-550Cannabis vapor products.
HTMLPDF314-55-560Evaluation of additives, solvents, ingredients or compounds used in the production of cannabis products.
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