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PDFWAC 314-35-023

Vapor product license transfer and relocation.

(1) A license may not be transferred or relocated without prior approval of the board.
(a) A licensee must notify the board at least ten business days before any ownership changes or location changes of the licensed vapor products business. Failure to notify the board without applying for a separate license for a new location will be treated as operating without a license.
(b) If a licensee fails to notify the board prior to moving a location, the licensee may be suspended until the new location meets the requirements and qualifications for a vapor products license.
(c) License relocation may be requested by contacting board enforcement by email or telephone.
(2) As a condition of licensure, all vapor products licensees must:
(a) Keep premises where vapor products are stored, manufactured, and offered for sale in a clean and sanitary condition.
Examples of clean and sanitary conditions include, but are not limited to:
(i) Vapor product mixing areas separate from restroom;
(ii) Storage of cleaning agents separate from consumable vapor products;
(iii) Vapor products not in contact or stored with or near hazardous materials and products.
(b) Label all packages and containers that contain nicotine with the nicotine content of the product until the product is packaged and labeled in finished packaging for sale consistent with the packaging and labeling requirements described in RCW 70.345.075.
(c) Vapor product licensees may only purchase vapor products from board licensed vapor product locations.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.345 RCW, RCW 82.24.250, 82.32.300, and 2019 c 15 and 2019 c 445. WSR 20-01-074, ยง 314-35-023, filed 12/11/19, effective 1/1/20.]
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