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PDFWAC 314-35-021

Insurance requirements.

Vapor product licensees must obtain insurance coverage described in this section. The intent of the required insurance is to protect the consumer should there be any claims, suits, actions, costs, damages or expenses arising from any negligent or intentional act or omission of the vapor product licensees. Vapor product licensees must furnish evidence in the form of a certificate of insurance satisfactory to the board that insurance, in the following kinds and minimum amounts, has been secured. Failure to provide proof of insurance may result in license cancellation.
(1) Commercial general liability insurance: The licensee must at all times carry and maintain commercial general liability insurance or commercial umbrella insurance for bodily injury and property damage arising out of licensed activities. The limits of liability insurance must not be less than one million dollars.
(a) This insurance must cover such claims as may be caused by any act, omission, or negligence of the licensee or its officers, agents, representatives, assigns, or servants.
(b) The insurance must also cover bodily injury, including disease, illness and death, and property damage arising out of the licensee's premises/operations, products, and personal injury.
(2) Insurance carrier rating: The insurance required in subsection (1) of this section must be issued by an insurance company authorized to do business within the state of Washington. Insurance is to be placed with a carrier that has a rating of A - Class VII or better in the most recently published edition of Best's Reports. If an insurer is not admitted, all insurance policies and procedures for issuing the insurance policies must comply with chapters 48.15 RCW and 284-15 WAC.
(3) Additional insured. The state and its employees, agents, and volunteers must be named as an additional insured on insurance policies required under this section. All policies must be primary over any other valid and collectable insurance.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.345 RCW, RCW 82.24.250, 82.32.300, and 2019 c 15 and 2019 c 445. WSR 20-01-074, ยง 314-35-021, filed 12/11/19, effective 1/1/20.]
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