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PDFWAC 296-36-105

Compression and decompression of workmen—Compression.

During the compression of workmen, the pressure shall not, in the first minute after starting compression, be increased to more than 3 pounds per square inch gage. When the pressure of 3 pounds per square inch gage is reached, the pressure shall not be further increased until after the lapse of a period sufficiently long to enable the lock attendant to ascertain whether any workman in the man lock complains of discomfort. After the lapse of that period, the pressure shall not be increased at a rate faster than 10 pounds per square inch gage per minute and a pause similar to that provided at 3 pounds per square inch gage shall also be provided at a pressure not exceeding 7 pounds per square inch gage. In all instances the pressure shall be increased gradually so as to insure, as far as practicable, that no workman suffers discomfort. If a workman complains of discomfort, and such complaint is signified to the lock attendant, any compression then proceeding shall be immediately stopped, and, unless the workman who has complained of the discomfort reports within 5 minutes that the discomfort has ceased and such report is conveyed to the lock attendant, the lock attendant shall without further delay gradually reduce the pressure in the lock until the workman reports that the discomfort has ceased; but, if he does not so report, the pressure shall be reduced gradually to atmospheric pressure and the workman released from the lock.
[Rules (Part IV B), filed 12/28/62.]
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