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PDFWAC 296-36-110

Compression and decompression of workmen—Decompression—General.

(1) Working period. The "working period" shall include the time or period or the sum of periods during which, since last subject to ordinary atmospheric pressure for at least 8 consecutive hours, a workman has been under pressure in a working chamber or chambers.
(2) Work pressure. The "work pressure" means the highest pressure to which the workman has been exposed in the course of his working period: Provided, That,
(a) Sudden and exceptional variations of pressure involving excess pressure for not more than 15 minutes may be disregarded;
(b) Where, during the whole of his working period a workman about to be decompressed has been in a working chamber in which (as in tidal waters) the pressure has been gradually varied by more than 5 pounds per square inch in the course of that period, the work pressures shall be the mean of the pressures half way through that period and at the end of it.
(3) Decompression required. No person employed in compressed air shall be permitted to pass from the place in which the work is being done to atmospheric pressure, except after decompression in accordance with the procedures hereinafter established.
[Rules (Part IV C), filed 12/28/62; §§ 1 and 2, filed 3/23/60.]
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