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PDFWAC 296-17A-1102

Classification 1102.

Classification 1102 applies to establishments engaged in interstate or intrastate trucking, or a combination of interstate and intrastate trucking.
Interstate trucking is the hauling of goods that either originate out-of-state or have an out-of-state destination.
Intrastate trucking is the hauling of goods within the boundaries of Washington state. The goods must have both an origin and destination in Washington state.
Duties include:
• Driving
• Loading and unloading vehicles
• Mechanical repair.
Equipment may include, but is not limited to:
• Forklifts
• Hand trucks
• Pallet jacks
• Tractor and trailers.
Special notes:
• Businesses in this classification may have terminals or storage depots where goods are stored awaiting transfer. Workers who exclusively work at these facilities may be reported in classification 2002. All hours for workers who spend any time driving or riding in trucks for businesses subject to this classification must be reported in classification 1102. Hours cannot be split between 1102 and 2002.
The term "lumper" is sometimes applied to laborers who unload cargo.
• Driver hours are capped at 520 hours per driver per quarter. See the special trucking industry rules, WAC 296-17-35203(3).
• The special exception rules for permanent yard and shop operations apply to trucking firms assigned classification 1102. See subclassification 5206-80 and WAC 296-17-31018.
• See RCW 51.08.180 and 21.12.095 concerning owner operators of trucking.
Excluded operations: Classification 1102 excludes:
• Firms hauling their own goods. Hauling goods owned by the firm is a general inclusion, which is classified according to the nature of the firm's business.
For rules on assigning and reporting in more than one basic classification, see WAC 296-17-31017 Multiple classifications.
For administrative purposes, classification 1102 is divided into the following subclassification(s):
1102-02 Interstate trucking
1102-03 Intrastate trucking
1102-04 Combined interstate/intrastate trucking
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