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PDFWAC 296-17A-1101

Classification 1101.

Note: Classification 1101 is only to be assigned as a nature of business or if a basic classification specifically excludes delivery.
1101-04 Automobile delivery or repossessing
Applies to:
• Businesses engaged in delivering or repossessing individual automobiles for others; and
• Drivers of sound trucks.
Duties are generally limited to:
• Unlocking vehicles; and
• Driving.
Generally, a client will contact the service company and arrange for a car to be delivered to a specific destination or request that a car of which they (client) are the legal owner, be repossessed and delivered to a specific location. In either case, a driver, not a motorized transportation service, does the delivery. It is common on long distance deliveries for the service company to use more than one driver.
• Worker hours or businesses operating tractor/trailer combinations to transport vehicles must be reported separately in classification 1102; and
• Worker hours using a tow truck, must be reported separately in classification 1109.
1101-06 Delivery by retail and wholesale stores and distributors, N.O.C.
Applies to:
• Employees of retail and wholesale stores engaged in inter-store delivery or customer merchandise delivery when excluded from the store classification;
• Employees of a company that contracts to perform those same services;
• Small package specialty delivery companies; and
• Delivery not covered by another classification (N.O.C.).
Work activities include, but are not limited to:
• Loading and unloading delivery vans or trucks;
• Driving from store to store;
• Driving from a store to a customer's location; and
• May drive designated routes or delivery areas.
• Businesses engaged in general trucking services such as hauling bulk merchandise or commodities which are to be reported separately in classification 1102.
1101-09 Parcel delivery companies for delivery of small parcels
Applies to:
• Businesses engaged in the delivery of small parcels for others;
• Contract mail delivery route drivers and contract hauling of mail between post offices; and
• Businesses subject to this classification may offer overnight express services, but usually do not deliver packages that exceed 150 pounds.
Workactivities include, but are not limited to:
• Driving delivery vehicles; and
• Loading and unloading delivery vehicles.
• Worker hours or businesses delivering bulk freight such as that delivered by trucking companies must be reported separately in classification 1102.
1101-17 Driver delivery sales, N.O.C.
Applies to:
• Businesses engaged in route sales of a wide variety of merchandise not covered by another classification (N.O.C.) including, but not limited to, hand tools, automotive supply, and household items; and
• Businesses or employees known as merchandisers who deliver products such as, but not limited to, greeting cards, over-the-counter medications, and grooming products to their customer's place of business then perform related merchandising functions.
Work activities include, but are not limited to:
• Delivering products;
• Showing samples;
• Soliciting further orders;
• Calling on new customers along their route;
• Taking inventory of goods on hand;
• Restocking;
• Reordering;
• Removing outdated or damaged merchandise from shelves or the premises; and
• Assembling temporary displays usually made of lightweight material such as cardboard or plastic and used for promotional or seasonal goods.
• Employees of businesses who provide merchandising services, but who do not deliver products to the customer's place of business, may be reported separately in classification 0607; and
• Businesses engaged in the set up or removal of advertising or merchandise displays that involve more than incidental assembly of seasonal or promotional exhibits must be reported separately in classification 0607.
Special note: The distinguishing factor between merchandising employees who are to be reported in classification 1101-17 and those who may be reported in classification 0607 is the delivery of products to the customer's place of business. Any employee who delivers merchandise to the customer's place of business is to be reported in classification 1101.
1101-21 Delivery services
Applies to:
• Businesses engaged in providing certain delivery services, usually using vans, cars, or bicycles.
Typical services include:
• Delivering accounting or financial records;
• Delivering bodily fluid samples to and from laboratories;
• Errands;
• Delivering food, beverages, and other commodities;
• Delivering newspapers, magazines, telephone books;
• Route food services of prepackaged foods; and
• Shopping.
Work activities include, but are not limited to:
• Cashiering;
• Driving;
• Loading and unloading;
• Preparing and packaging foods for route service;
• Removing old periodicals from shelves;
• Running errands for others;
• Selling prepackaged foods on a route;
• Shopping for others;
• Stocking shelves; and
• Honor snack services operated independently from, and not in connection with, coin-operated vending machine services.
• Food truck businesses, are classified in classification 3905;
• Preparing and prepackaging food to sell as part of a route food delivery service that is not a food truck business as described in classification 3905, may be reported in classification 3905 if detailed time records are kept. Otherwise, all hours for the route food delivery service must be reported in classification 1101;
• Shopping and errand services performed as part of chore services for clients is classified in classification 6511; and
• Stocking and restocking vending machines as part of a vending machine business is classified in classification 0606.
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