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PDFWAC 284-17-011

Limited line of travel insurance.

(1) Travel insurance is a limited line of authority. A person must not sell, solicit, or negotiate travel insurance in this state unless that person is licensed as an insurance producer with the travel limited line of authority or as set forth in subsection (2) of this section.
(2) A business entity acting as a travel insurance producer is required to:
(a) Be licensed as a producer with the travel limited line of authority; and
(b) Designate an individual licensed as a producer with the travel limited line of authority to act as a designated licensed responsible person (DLRP) who is responsible for the business entity's compliance with the laws of this state.
(3) The requirements of this chapter for passing an insurance producer examination and for prelicensing and continuing insurance education do not apply to insurance producers that transact only the limited line of travel insurance.
(4) A travel retailer may offer and disseminate travel insurance on behalf of and under a travel insurance producer business entity license only if the travel insurance producer holds a business entity license, and the travel insurance producer:
(a) Clearly identifies the licensed business entity as the licensed producer on marketing materials and fulfillment packages distributed by travel retailers to customers, identification shall include the entity's name and contact information;
(b) Keeps a register of each travel retailer that offers travel insurance on the licensed business entity's behalf. The register must include the name and contact information of the travel retailer and an officer or person who directs or controls the travel retailer's operations, and the travel retailer's federal tax identification number. The licensed business entity must also certify that the travel retailer registered complies with United States Code, Title 18, section 1033. The licensed business entity must submit the register within thirty days upon request by the commissioner;
(c) Complies with the fingerprinting requirements applicable to insurance producers in the resident state of the business entity;
(d) Has paid all applicable insurance producer licensing fees as set forth in Washington state law; and
(e) Requires each employee of the travel retailer whose duties include offering and disseminating travel insurance to receive a program of instruction or training, which is subject to review by the commissioner.
(5) An employee of a travel retailer may sell or offer travel insurance without being individually licensed as an insurance producer if the travel retailer is licensed and acting in compliance with this chapter, and the employees are under the supervision of a licensed travel producer.
(6) A travel retailer whose activities, and those of its employees, are limited to offering and disseminating travel insurance on behalf of and under the direction of a licensed business entity meeting the conditions stated in this section, is authorized to do so, upon registration by the licensed business entity.
(7) As the insurer designee, the travel insurance producer is responsible for the acts and supervision of the travel retailer.
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