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Chapter 284-17 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF284-17-005Address of record.
HTMLPDF284-17-009Limited line credit insurance.
HTMLPDF284-17-011Limited line of travel insurance.
HTMLPDF284-17-015Variable life and variable annuity productsStandards for resident licenses.
HTMLPDF284-17-035Specialty producer licensePortable electronics.
HTMLPDF284-17-046Specialty producer licensePortable electronics renewal process.
HTMLPDF284-17-055Electronic submission of licensing processesImplementation dates.
HTMLPDF284-17-065Required email address for licensing transactions.
HTMLPDF284-17-120Resident insurance producer licenseesExamination required, procedures.
HTMLPDF284-17-122Applications for nonresident insurance producer licenses.
HTMLPDF284-17-123Resident and nonresident adjuster licenses.
HTMLPDF284-17-124Examination for limited line surety and limited line credit insurance license required.
HTMLPDF284-17-125Prohibited acts or practices by license examinees.
HTMLPDF284-17-130Admittance to examination.
HTMLPDF284-17-175Education referrals.
HTMLPDF284-17-200Insurance continuing educationPurpose.
HTMLPDF284-17-220Insurance continuing education requiredResident licensees.
HTMLPDF284-17-222Continuing insurance education exemptions.
HTMLPDF284-17-224Insurance continuing educationRequired credit hoursProducers and adjusters.
HTMLPDF284-17-226Required proof of completion of a courseCertificate of completion.
HTMLPDF284-17-250Repeating an insurance continuing education course.
HTMLPDF284-17-252No carry-over of excess continuing education credits.
HTMLPDF284-17-254Waiver of the insurance continuing education requirements.
HTMLPDF284-17-256Approved credits for insurance education instructors.
HTMLPDF284-17-262Certification by insurer of completion of long-term care insurance education.
HTMLPDF284-17-264ReciprocityApplication of long-term care credits to continuing education requirement.
HTMLPDF284-17-265Sales of annuitiesInsurance producer training.
HTMLPDF284-17-270Insurance continuing education providers and continuing education program coordinatorsStandards and approval.
HTMLPDF284-17-272Responsibilities of an approved insurance continuing education provider.
HTMLPDF284-17-273Continuing insurance education attendance register.
HTMLPDF284-17-276Continuing insurance education provider numbers.
HTMLPDF284-17-277Insurance continuing education records.
HTMLPDF284-17-278Approval of an insurance continuing education course.
HTMLPDF284-17-279Denial, cancellation or nonrenewal of an insurance continuing education course.
HTMLPDF284-17-281Insurance continuing education course attendance requirements.
HTMLPDF284-17-282Insurance continuing education course numbers.
HTMLPDF284-17-284Insurance designation courses.
HTMLPDF284-17-286Insurance continuing education course credit hours.
HTMLPDF284-17-292Certificates of completion of insurance continuing education coursesForm.
HTMLPDF284-17-294RenewalInsurance continuing education provider.
HTMLPDF284-17-296RenewalApproval of an insurance continuing education course.
HTMLPDF284-17-297Continuing education providers may not make substantive changes to approved insurance continuing education courses.
HTMLPDF284-17-299Audit of insurance continuing education providers, courses and records.
HTMLPDF284-17-302Actions by an insurance continuing education provider that may result in a fine.
HTMLPDF284-17-303Advertising a continuing education course.
HTMLPDF284-17-304Revocation or suspension of approval of an insurance continuing education providerProbationReinstatement.
HTMLPDF284-17-306Grounds for revocation or suspension of approval of an insurance continuing education course.
HTMLPDF284-17-312NAIC Uniform Continuing Education Reciprocity Agreement.
HTMLPDF284-17-422Reciprocity for nonresident insurance producers holding licenses for lines of authority in the home state that are not issued in this state.
HTMLPDF284-17-423Term of initial and reinstated individual license.
HTMLPDF284-17-429Appointments and affiliations of licensees.
HTMLPDF284-17-435Notification of appointments and affiliations.
HTMLPDF284-17-439Notice that a licensee is not eligible for an electronic appointment or affiliation.
HTMLPDF284-17-443Renewal of appointments or affiliations.
HTMLPDF284-17-445Termination of an appointment or affiliation by an insurer or business entity.
HTMLPDF284-17-449Termination of an affiliation for cause.
HTMLPDF284-17-467ConsequencesInsurance producers not eligible for appointment by the insurer.
HTMLPDF284-17-473Affiliation requirements.
HTMLPDF284-17-476License requirements for business entity affiliations.
HTMLPDF284-17-483Termination of an appointment or affiliation by an insurance producer.
HTMLPDF284-17-490Late renewal or reinstatement.
HTMLPDF284-17-510Prelicensing insurance education requirement.
HTMLPDF284-17-515Waiver of the prelicensing insurance education requirementEquivalent education.
HTMLPDF284-17-516Home self-studyCandidate, course materials and approved providers.
HTMLPDF284-17-517Home self-studyMaterials, course standards.
HTMLPDF284-17-520Certificates of completion required for admittance to licensing examPassing score report must be provided to the commissioner.
HTMLPDF284-17-530Requirements applicable to all prelicensing insurance education providers.
HTMLPDF284-17-535Program director's qualifications and responsibilities.
HTMLPDF284-17-537Prelicensing insurance education instructor qualifications and responsibilities.
HTMLPDF284-17-539Certificates of completion of a prelicensing insurance education course.
HTMLPDF284-17-540Requirements applicable to independent prelicensing insurance education providers.
HTMLPDF284-17-545Requirements applicable to insurer-based prelicensing education providers.
HTMLPDF284-17-547RenewalPrelicensing insurance education provider.
HTMLPDF284-17-550Prelicensing insurance education course standards.
HTMLPDF284-17-551Prelicensing insurance educationCandidate information bulletin.
HTMLPDF284-17-560Providers denied approval.
HTMLPDF284-17-565Suspension or revocation of approved prelicensing insurance education providers.
HTMLPDF284-17-574 Prelicensing insurance education provider numbers.
HTMLPDF284-17-576Actions by a prelicensing insurance education provider that may result in a fine.
HTMLPDF284-17-578Reinstatement of approval of a prelicensing insurance education provider.
HTMLPDF284-17-580Grounds for revocation or suspension of approval of a prelicensing insurance education course.
HTMLPDF284-17-600Licensing requirements for insurance producers who maintain more than one place of business in the state.
HTMLPDF284-17-603Designated responsible licensed person.
HTMLPDF284-17-610Insurance producers and business entities home state.
HTMLPDF284-17-620Loans from insurance clientsReasonable arrangements.
HTMLPDF284-17-625Documentation of consent to remuneration in addition to a fee where insurance is purchased over the telephone or by electronic means.
HTMLPDF284-17-630Display of licenses.
HTMLPDF284-17-705Crop adjuster prelicensing education and examination requirements.
HTMLPDF284-17-720Crop adjuster license renewal requirements.
HTMLPDF284-17-730Crop adjusters who are salaried employees of an insurance company or of a managing general agent.
HTMLPDF284-17-735Limited conversion to crop adjuster license.
HTMLPDF284-17-805Charitable contributions.
HTMLPDF284-17-810Lead cards and mailing lists.
HTMLPDF284-17-835Promotional games of chance.
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