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PDFWAC 246-358-095

Handwashing and bathing facilities.

An operator shall:
(1) Provide handwashing and bathing facilities adequate for the maximum capacity of the TWH according to Table 1 of WAC 246-358-029.
(2) Meet the following general requirements for all handwashing and bathing facilities:
(a) Provide cleanable, nonabsorbent waste containers;
(b) Provide all showers, baths, or shower rooms with screened floor drains, to remove wastewater;
(c) Maintain fixtures and drains in good working order;
(d) Separate showers with partitions or walls.
(i) Partitions and walls must ensure privacy and be smooth, cleanable, and nonabsorbent.
(ii) For a bathing facility constructed or approved for construction under chapter 246-359 WAC before January 1, 2016, partitions or walls are required by January 1, 2017.
(e) All showers separated by partitions must ensure privacy.
(3) Meet the following requirements for common facilities:
(a) One handwash sink for every six occupants. Of these handwash sinks, locate one handwash sink adjacent to each toilet;
(b) Provide one showerhead for every ten occupants;
(c) Provide one "service sink" in each building used for common laundry, handwashing, or bathing;
(d) Provide sloped, coved floors of nonslip impervious materials with floor drains;
(e) Shower and bathing facilities must provide privacy from the opposite sex and the public;
(f) Maintain common bathing and handwashing facilities in a clean and sanitary condition, cleaned at least daily; and
(g) Bathing and shower facilities be available at all times during operation of the TWH.
(4) Meet the following requirements for family shelters:
(a) At least one handwash sink per family shelter. If an operator provides a family shelter with a toilet, the handwash sink must be located in the toilet room or immediately adjacent to the toilet room; and
(b) Request occupants of family shelters to maintain bathing and handwashing facilities in a clean and sanitary condition.
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