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PDFWAC 246-358-093

Toilet facilities.

The operator shall:
(1) Provide toilet facilities adequate for the maximum capacity of the TWH according to Table 1 of WAC 246-358-029.
(2) Not provide or allow the use of pit privies.
(3) Fill all abandoned pit privies with earth.
(4) Meet the following general requirements for all toilet facilities:
(a) Provide flush toilets unless chemical toilets are specifically approved by the department of health according to requirements in chapter 246-272A WAC;
(b) Flush toilets, chemical toilets, and urinals must not be located in any sleeping room, dining room, cooking or food-handling facility, or any tent;
(c) Toilet rooms must be provided with:
(i) Handwashing sinks located in or immediately adjacent to the toilet room;
(ii) Either a window of at least six square feet opening directly to the outside or adequate ventilation;
(iii) Sixteen-mesh screens on all outside openings;
(iv) Fixtures maintained in good working order, including toilet(s) and sink(s); and
(v) Drains maintained in good working order, including floor drains with screens.
(d) When chemical toilets are approved, they must be:
(i) Located at least fifty feet from any dwelling unit or food-handling facility;
(ii) Maintained by a licensed waste disposal company;
(iii) Compliant with local ordinances; and
(iv) Located immediately adjacent to a handwash sink(s).
(e) When urinals are provided:
(i) There must be one urinal or two linear feet of urinal trough for each twenty-five men;
(ii) The floors and walls surrounding a urinal and extending out at least fifteen inches on all sides, must be constructed of materials which will not be adversely affected by moisture; and
(iii) The urinal must have an adequate water flush.
(5) Meet the following requirements for common toilet facilities:
(a) Provide the number of toilets for each sex based on the maximum number of occupants of that sex which the TWH is designed to house at any one time in the ratio of one toilet for every fifteen occupants, with a minimum of two toilets according to Table 1 of WAC 246-358-029;
(b) Locate toilet rooms so that:
(i) Toilets are within two hundred feet of the door of each sleeping room; and
(ii) No person has to pass through a sleeping room to reach a toilet room;
(c) Maintain toilets in a clean and sanitary condition, cleaned at least daily;
(d) Provide each toilet compartment with an adequate supply of toilet paper at all times;
(e) Separate toilets by partitions or walls. For the purposes of this section, partitions do not include curtains.
(i) Partitions and walls must ensure privacy and must have smooth, cleanable, and nonabsorbent surfaces.
(ii) For a common toilet facility constructed or approved for construction under chapter 246-359 WAC before January 1, 2016, partitions or walls are required by January 1, 2017.
(f) Ensure the area surrounding common toilet facilities are adequately lighted; and
(g) When common facilities will be used for both men and women:
(i) Provide separate toilet rooms for each sex with a minimum of one toilet room for each sex and meet the required ratio as defined in (a) of this subsection;
(ii) Identify each room for "men" and "women" with signs printed in English and in the native language(s) of the persons occupying the TWH, or identified with easily understood pictures or symbols; and
(iii) Separate facilities by solid walls or partitions extending from the floor to the roof or ceiling when facilities for each sex are located in the same building.
(6) Meet the following requirements for family shelters if common toilet facilities are not provided:
(a) One toilet for each individual family shelter;
(b) Ensure toilet facilities are cleaned prior to occupancy; and
(c) Request occupants to maintain the facilities in a clean and sanitary condition.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.114A RCW and RCW 43.70.334 through 43.70.340. WSR 15-13-091, ยง 246-358-093, filed 6/15/15, effective 1/1/16.]
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