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PDFWAC 246-221-001

Purpose and scope.

(1) This chapter establishes standards for protection against radiation hazards. Except as otherwise specifically provided, this chapter applies to all licensees or registrants. The requirements of this chapter are designed to control the receipt, possession, use, transfer, and disposal of sources of radiation by any licensee or registrant so the total dose to an individual, including doses resulting from all sources of radiation other than background radiation, does not exceed the standards for protection against radiation prescribed in this chapter.
(2) The limits in this chapter do not apply to doses due to background radiation, to exposure of patients to radiation for the purpose of medical diagnosis or therapy, to exposure from individuals administered radioactive material and released under chapter 246-240 WAC, or to voluntary participation in medical research programs.
(3) Nothing in this chapter shall be interpreted as limiting actions that may be necessary to protect health and safety in an emergency.
(4) The definitions contained in WAC 246-220-010 also apply to this chapter. WAC 246-220-007, Statement of philosophy, is directly applicable to this chapter.
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