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Chapter 246-221 WAC

Last Update: 10/11/23


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF246-221-001Purpose and scope.
HTMLPDF246-221-005Radiation protection programs.
HTMLPDF246-221-010Occupational dose limits for adults.
HTMLPDF246-221-015Compliance with requirements for summation of external and internal doses.
HTMLPDF246-221-020Determination of prior occupational dose.
HTMLPDF246-221-030Requirements for planned special exposures.
HTMLPDF246-221-040Determination of internal exposure of individuals to concentrations of radioactive materials in restricted areas.
HTMLPDF246-221-050Occupational dose limits for minors.
HTMLPDF246-221-055Dose equivalent to an embryo/fetus.
HTMLPDF246-221-060Dose limits for individual members of the public.
HTMLPDF246-221-070Compliance with dose limits for individual members of the public.
HTMLPDF246-221-080Leak tests.
HTMLPDF246-221-090Personnel monitoring for external dose.
HTMLPDF246-221-100Personnel monitoring for internal dose.
HTMLPDF246-221-102Control of access to high radiation areas.
HTMLPDF246-221-104Control of access to very high radiation areas.
HTMLPDF246-221-106Control of access to very high radiation areas—Irradiators.
HTMLPDF246-221-113Use of process, engineering or other controls.
HTMLPDF246-221-117Use of individual respiratory protection equipment.
HTMLPDF246-221-120Caution signs, and labels.
HTMLPDF246-221-130Exceptions from posting and labeling requirements.
HTMLPDF246-221-140Instruction of personnel.
HTMLPDF246-221-150Security and control of radioactive material and radiation machines.
HTMLPDF246-221-160Procedures for picking up, receiving, and opening packages.
HTMLPDF246-221-170Waste disposal, general requirement.
HTMLPDF246-221-180Method of obtaining approval of proposed disposal procedures.
HTMLPDF246-221-190Disposal by release into sanitary sewerage systems.
HTMLPDF246-221-200Disposal by burial in soil.
HTMLPDF246-221-210Disposal by incineration.
HTMLPDF246-221-220Disposal of specific wastes.
HTMLPDF246-221-230Records important to radiation safety.
HTMLPDF246-221-235Reports of transactions involving nationally tracked sources.
HTMLPDF246-221-236Nationally tracked source thresholds.
HTMLPDF246-221-240Reports of stolen, lost or missing radiation sources.
HTMLPDF246-221-250Notification of incidents.
HTMLPDF246-221-260Reports of overexposures and excessive levels and concentrations.
HTMLPDF246-221-265Special reports to the department—Planned special exposures and leaking sources.
HTMLPDF246-221-270Vacating premises and release of equipment.
HTMLPDF246-221-275Notification of changes in a facility.
HTMLPDF246-221-280Notifications and reports to individuals.
HTMLPDF246-221-285Assigned protection factors for respiratorsa.
HTMLPDF246-221-290Appendix A—Annual limits on intake (ALI) and derived air concentrations (DAC) of radionuclides for occupational exposure; effluent concentrations; concentrations for release to sanitary sewerage.
HTMLPDF246-221-300Appendix B—Minimum quantities of radioactive material requiring labeling.
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